A$AP Rocky & The Weeknd Takes Shots at Drake On Future and Metro Boomin's 'We Still Don't Trust You' LP

Drake Takes Heat as A$AP Rocky & The Weeknd Diss Him on Future & Metro Boomin's 'We Still Don't Trust You' LP

In a bold move within the rap scene, A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd have stirred up a storm by seemingly dissing Drake on Future and Metro Boomin's recent release, "We Still Don't Trust You." Their actions add to the growing list of artists, including Kendrick Lamar, who openly declare their beef with Drake.
Drake Targeted: A$AP Rocky & The Weeknd Take Aim on Future & Metro Boomin's 'We Still Don't Trust You' L
On the track "Show of Hands," A$AP Rocky doesn't hold back, seemingly referencing Drake's personal life with lyrics that suggest prior involvement with Drake's ex, Sophie Brussaux. He spits:
N-ggas swear they bitch the baddest, I just bagged the worst one / N-ggas in they feelings over women, what, you hurt or somethin’? / I smashed before you birthed son, Flacko hit it first, son.

- A$AP Rocky

Rocky also takes aim at Drake's recent album, hinting at its lack of impact: 

Still don’ trust you, it’s always us, never them / Heard you dropped your latest shit / Funny how it just came and went (Ha ha ha).

- A$AP Rocky

These lyrics add fuel to the fire of an ongoing feud between A$AP Rocky and Drake, with Drake previously referencing Rocky in his track "Another Late Night." In response, Rocky fired back in his guest verse on Kid Cudi's "WOW," asserting his dominance with lines like:

These n-ggas can’t stomach me, gotta go get a mandrake.

- A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky Take Aim At Drake on Future and Metro Boomin's Latest Album:

Meanwhile, The Weeknd joins the fray with his own subtle digs at Drake on the track "All to Myself." With lyrics suggesting a lack of loyalty and trust, The Weeknd appears to address past tensions with Drake, particularly regarding his decision not to sign with Drake's OVO Sound label. 

They could never diss my brothers, baby / When they got leaks in they operation / I thank God that I never signed my life away.

- The Weeknd

 The Weeknd's Shots Fired At Drake on Future & Metro Boomin's LP:

The Weeknd's lyrics also seem to take aim at Drake's associate, Baka Not Nice, and his involvement on social media platform TikTok, where he often posts content. The Weeknd's decision to distance himself from such affiliations reflects a deeper rift within the rap community.

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Despite these pointed lyrics, Drake has yet to respond directly to A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd's verbal jabs. However, speculation is rife that Drake may have a retaliatory diss track aimed at longtime rival Kendrick Lamar.

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