Drake Adds Fuel to Beef Speculations with Travis Scott by Shooting La Flame Head Prop During "MELTDOWN" Performance

Drake is Going Viral For Seemingly Throwing Shots at Travis Scott During "Meltdown" Performance

Drake Fires Shots at Travis Scott with Provocative Gesture During "MELTDOWN" Performance: Hip-Hop Drama Unfolds
In the realm of hip-hop, where competition fuels creativity and drives chart-topping hits, tensions are brewing once again. The recent flurry of disses unleashed by Kendrick Lamar has set the stage on fire, igniting a resurgence of the competitive spirit that defines the genre. Amidst this fiery atmosphere, Metro Boomin and Future's "WE DON'T TRUST YOU" are poised to claim the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 200, signaling a triumph for the genre and its enduring appeal.

But it's not just the charts that are ablaze with excitement. "Like That," a track featuring an electrifying verse from K-Dot, is primed to ascend to the top of the Hot 100, further solidifying hip-hop's dominance in the music industry. Yet, amidst these triumphs, whispers of controversy swirl around Drake and Travis Scott, two titans of the genre.
At a recent performance on the It's All A Blur - Big As The What? Tour, Drake's actions have sparked speculation and raised eyebrows. As footage from the show circulates online, viewers are left stunned by Drake's seemingly provocative gesture. During his rendition of "MELTDOWN," a collaborative track with Travis Scott from UTOPIA, Drake takes aim at a head prop of La Flame, simulating gunfire during a specific lyric.

Drake Allegedly Fires Shots at Travis Scott's Prop During "Meltdown" Show:

The internet is buzzing with theories, with many speculating that Drake's actions signal a rift between him and one of his longstanding collaborators. One argument gaining traction is Travis Scott's purported insistence on Metro Boomin and Future playing "Like That" at Rolling Loud before the album's release—a move that could have irked Drake.

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But the drama doesn't end there. Other notable figures in the industry are seemingly taking sides in this unfolding saga. Rick Ross, cruising in the back of his car, blasts "Like That" through the speakers, signaling his allegiance. Even LeBron James, caught on camera vibing to the track before a Lakers game, inadvertently becomes embroiled in the feud. And when Drake himself acknowledges the video, liking the post, the plot thickens.

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