Drake Taunts Kendrick Lamar by Posting a Picture of His Manager, Speculates About Diss Track's Release

Drake Taunts Kendrick Lamar with Manager's Selfie, Wondering When Diss Track Will Hit

Drake Taunts Kendrick Lamar Over Response Delay, Shares Manager's Pic
Drake's knack for stirring up trouble in the world of hip-hop is well-known, especially in the age of internet trolling. He's mastered the art of leveraging platforms like Instagram to his advantage, particularly when it comes to engaging in feuds. 

And when you're on the receiving end of his antics, as Kendrick Lamar is discovering, it's not an easy ride.

Recently, Drake responded to Kendrick's "Like That" with his own leaked track, "Push Ups." The song garnered praise from fans, but Kendrick has yet to retaliate. 

While rumors circulated that the leak was AI-generated, Drake and his team insist otherwise, suggesting that Kendrick's silence stems from disappointment rather than technical issues.
In his latest move, Drake took to Instagram with a story featuring a snapshot of Kendrick's manager, Anthony Saleh, flanked by turtle emojis and the caption "wonder is today the day." 

It's a not-so-subtle jab, implying that Kendrick is dragging his feet in responding to Drake's diss. Yet, the irony isn't lost, given Drake's own delay in addressing "Like That" compared to the brief window he's given Kendrick.

Drake Teases Kendrick Lamar with Manager's Selfie, Anticipates Diss Track Drop

The pressure is undoubtedly mounting on Kendrick to deliver a comeback, but only time will tell if he'll rise to the occasion. Regardless, Drake's relentless trolling keeps the spotlight firmly fixed on their ongoing feud, ensuring fans are eagerly anticipating the next move in this high-stakes game of musical chess.

With tensions running high and the clock ticking, all eyes are on Kendrick to see if he'll fire back and level the playing field. Until then, Drake remains the undisputed master of online provocations, ready to pounce at any opportunity to assert his dominance in the rap arena.

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