J. Cole's Reference to Jay-Z's "Takeover" in "7 Minute Drill"

J. Cole Draws Inspiration from Jay-Z’s Classic Diss Track in Kendrick Lamar's Response

J. Cole Channels Jay-Z's "Takeover" Vibe in Kendrick Lamar Response Track "7 Minute Drill"
J. Cole's latest track, "7 Minute Drill," from his surprise project "Might Delete Later," is causing a stir in the hip-hop world. The song serves as a response to Kendrick Lamar's recent diss aimed at Cole and Drake in the track "Like That." 

In "7 Minute Drill," Cole delivers a barrage of sharp lines directed at Lamar, reminiscent of Jay-Z's iconic diss track "Takeover." Listeners were quick to note the parallels between Cole's lyrics and those of Jay-Z from "Takeover."
One standout moment comes in the second verse of "7 Minute Drill," where Cole uses a similar line structure to Jay-Z's boast in "Takeover." While Jay-Z raps:
Four albums in ten years, n***a? I can divide.

- Jay-Z On "Takeover"

Cole adapts it to:
Four albums in twelve years, n***a, I can divide.

- J. Cole On "7 Minute Drill"

Furthermore, Cole paraphrases another line from "Takeover" earlier in the track. He critiques Kendrick's output by stating:
He's been averaging 'one hard verse like every 30 months.

- J. Cole On "7 Minute Drill"

Mirroring Jay-Z's jab at Nas for only producing "one hot album" per decade.

J. Cole Pays Homage to Jay-Z's "Takeover" in "7 Minute Drill"

The homage to Jay-Z's "Takeover" adds depth and historical context to Cole's response to Kendrick Lamar. It showcases Cole's respect for hip-hop legends and his skill in weaving intricate lyrical references into his own work.

Fans have been buzzing about the similarities between "7 Minute Drill" and "Takeover," highlighting the significance of Jay-Z's influence on Cole's music. The track serves as a testament to the ongoing dialogue within hip-hop, where artists pay homage to those who came before them while still asserting their own creative voice.

As the discussion surrounding "7 Minute Drill" continues to unfold, one thing is clear: J. Cole's tribute to Jay-Z's classic diss track adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing saga between Cole and Lamar, further cementing both artists' places in the rap pantheon.

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