Ye Weighs In on J. Cole's Kendrick Lamar Apology In New Interview: "He Can't Run Now"

Kanye West Shares Thoughts on J. Cole's Kendrick Lamar Apology in Latest Interview

Kanye West Slams J. Cole's Stance in Drake-Kendrick Feud: "You Can't Run Now"
In a recent interview with Justin Laboy on "The Download," Kanye West, also known as Ye, didn't hold back on his opinions about fellow rapper J. Cole. Ye criticized Cole for what he perceived as a lack of loyalty in the ongoing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Expressing his disdain, Ye stated:
F**k all that p**sy s**t. F**k all that s**t, man. Because it’s like, that n**ga J. Cole went on tour with Drake. He knows what it is,” Ye told Laboy in their sit-down. “It’s like, n**ga, you can’t run now.

- Ye

Ye emphasized that Cole shouldn't try to distance himself now, suggesting he's obligated to pick a side. When asked if there was lingering tension between Cole and Lamar, Ye brushed it off, asserting, "You can’t say ‘up’ and ‘Cole’ in the same sentence." 

He admitted to not listening to Cole's music much, except for catching wind of "False Prophets," a track from 2016 where fans speculated Cole took shots at Ye. 

Kanye West Reacts To J Cole's Kendrick Lamar Apology In New Interview:

Cole's recent apology to Lamar at the Dreamville Festival also didn't escape Ye's commentary. 

He mentioned how Cole expressed regret over his response to Lamar's verse on "Like That" with "7 Minute Drill," a track now removed from streaming platforms. Cole cited peer pressure for his initial response, expressing willingness to take any backlash on the chin.

Ye didn't shy away from poking fun at Cole either, referencing him in his own "Like That (Remix)" where he rapped, "Play J. Cole, get the p**sy dry/ Play this s**t back 130 times."

This latest verbal exchange adds fuel to the ongoing tension between hip-hop heavyweights, with Ye not mincing words in his criticism of Cole's actions. As the feud continues to unfold, fans eagerly await any further developments in this dynamic rap rivalry.

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