Kanye West Allegedly Throws Shade at Drake & J. Cole in Leaked "Like That" Remix Shared by Adam22

Watch: Adam22 Reveals Kanye West's Alleged Verse on Future & Metro Boomin's "Like That" Remix

Kanye West Remix Leak Sparks Drake Feud Speculation
A new leak is circulating on the web, featuring Kanye West's verse on a remix of "Like That," the hit track by Future, Metro Boomin, and Kendrick Lamar that intensified the rivalry between K.Dot and Drake, among others. 

Just recently, on Friday, April 19, Adam22 claimed to possess the remix but was prohibited from releasing it. Despite this, he went ahead and shared the verse online. In the leaked verse, Kanye appears to address the ongoing beef by stating:
Y'all so out of sight, out of mind / I can't even think of a Drake line / Play J. Cole, get the p***y dry.

- Ye

Adam22 Shares Sneak Peek of Kanye West's Verse on Future & Metro Boomin's "Like That" Remix

However, there's speculation about whether Kanye's verse is genuinely his or if it's artificially generated. Fans are divided on this matter, especially considering Drake's recent use of A.I. technology to incorporate the voices of Tupac and Snoop Dogg in his diss track aimed at Kendrick Lamar, titled "Taylor Made Freestyle." 

The introduction of such technology has added a new dimension to the feud, demonstrating its potential impact on the rap scene.

The controversy took an unexpected turn when Adam22 shared what is purportedly the final version of the Kanye remix. This version features revamped production, a new verse from Future, and notably excludes Kendrick Lamar altogether. 

The decision to exclude Kendrick raises eyebrows and adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga.

Overall, the leak of Kanye West's alleged verse on the "Like That" remix has ignited fervent discussion within the hip-hop community. Whether the verse is authentic or A.I.-generated, its content has stirred up controversy and fueled speculation about the dynamics of the ongoing feud between K.Dot and Drake. 

As the situation continues to unfold, fans eagerly await further developments and insights into the evolving landscape of rap music.

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