Saint West, Ye's Son, Calls Himself 'Mini Kobe Bryant' Before Winning Basketball Game

Saint West, Kanye's Son, Dubs Himself 'Mini Kobe' Before Scoring Big on the Basketball Court

Saint West's "Mini Kobe" Moment: Basketball Victory Captures Attention of Kanye and Kim Kardashian Fans
Saint West, the son of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, showcased his budding basketball skills recently, capturing attention with his confident demeanor and game-winning shot. The young athlete, affectionately nicknamed "mini Kobe" by himself, demonstrated remarkable poise on the court, reminiscent of the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

Kim Kardashian, Saint's mother, proudly documented his triumph on her Instagram stories. Sharing a video of his decisive basket, Kardashian also showcased Saint's sneakers, featuring the self-proclaimed moniker "mini Kobe" inscribed on the sole.

Saint, Kanye West's Son, Takes On 'Mini Kobe' Persona Before Securing Basketball Triumph:

Saint's passion for sports has been evident from a young age. In March 2023, he accompanied his mother to a soccer game in Paris, displaying his enthusiasm for the sport. As he posed for photos with Kardashian, Saint's infectious smile mirrored his father's iconic grimace, capturing the essence of his lineage.
Kanye West, known for his fervent support of his children's interests, has frequently attended Saint's soccer matches over the years. However, tensions arose last October during one of Saint's games, leading to a heated exchange between West and another parent. TMZ obtained footage of the incident, showing West engaged in a conversation before walking away from the confrontation.

Despite occasional conflicts, Saint's passion for sports continues to flourish under the guidance of his supportive parents. With his "mini Kobe" mentality and dedication to the game, Saint exemplifies the resilience and determination associated with his family's legacy.

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