Kendrick Lamar's Surprise Drake Diss Track 'Euphoria' Includes Pusha T Beef Callback

Kendrick Lamar Throws Shade at Drake with Pusha T Beef Reference on New Diss Track 'Euphoria'

Kendrick Lamar Strikes Back: New Diss Track "euphoria" Targets Drake
Kendrick Lamar isn't holding back anymore. After a period of silence following Drake's diss tracks, he's returned with a vengeance. 

In a surprise move, Lamar dropped a new diss track titled "Euphoria," the track pulls no punches as Lamar takes aim at Drake with blistering bars and sharp critiques.

On "Euphoria," Lamar doesn't mince words. He directly addresses Drake's recent tracks "Push Ups" and "Taylor Made Freestyle," accusing him of being a scammer, a phony Black individual, and a neglectful father. 
The lyrics are ruthless and unapologetic, showcasing Lamar's determination to assert his dominance in the ongoing feud.

One notable moment in the track is when Lamar references Drake's feud with Pusha T. By mentioning "push a T," Lamar cleverly alludes to Drake's past confrontation with Pusha T, suggesting that Drake should resolve that conflict before coming for him. 
Yeah, f*** all that pushin' P, let me see you push a T / You better off spinnin' again on him, you think about pushin' me?

- Kendrick Lamar

This reference adds another layer of depth to Lamar's diss, highlighting the intricacies of rap beef and the importance of addressing past disputes. 

Kendrick Lamar's Diss Track Takes Dig at Drake, References Pusha T Beef:

Additionally, Lamar makes a subtle nod to Drake's usage of the phrase "pushin' P" in his songs, such as Gunna's "P Power" and his own track "Rich Flex." 

By flipping the phrase to "pushing PTSD," Lamar flips Drake's words against him, suggesting that Drake is avoiding addressing his own trauma by engaging in petty beefs.

Overall, Lamar's "Euphoria" is a bold statement that reasserts his place in the rap hierarchy. It's a calculated move that demands Drake's attention and sets the stage for a heated exchange between two rap titans. 

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