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Watch: North West Directs Ye and Ty Dolla $ign's 'Talking' Music Video

North West, the multi-talented 11-year-old, adds another feather to her cap as she ventures into music video directing, collaborating with her father, Kanye West.

In a remarkable display of creativity, North directed and crafted the concept for the music video of "Talking," the latest single from the group Vultures, which premiered recently. 
The video showcases North surrounded by her friends, confidently delivering lines like "You don't want no problems" and her iconic "It's your bestie, Miss-Miss Westie."

Music Video for Ye and Ty Dolla $ign's 'Talking' Directed by North West

The latter half of the video features Ty Dolla $ign singing solo in a grayscale setting, interspersed with captivating shots of Kanye positioned against a dramatic mountain backdrop beneath a foreboding sky. 

"Talking" has already garnered significant attention, having been a standout track during a listening event for Vultures in Miami last December, where Kanye shared the stage with renowned artists like Lil Durk, Freddie Gibbs, and Offset.

This latest project from North comes as she gears up for the release of her debut album, titled "Elementary School Dropout," a nod to her father's groundbreaking 2004 album, "The College Dropout."

In a recent interview with 13-year-old independent journalist Jazlyn "Jazzy" Guerra from Jazzy's World TV, North remained coy about the possibility of her father making an appearance on her album. "Maybe," she teased, leaving fans eager for more. 
The anticipation surrounding North's debut album continues to grow, fueled by her diverse talents and creative ventures.

North West's foray into music video directing underscores her artistic prowess and versatility beyond her years. 

As she navigates the realms of music and entertainment, her contributions promise to leave a lasting impact on the industry, solidifying her status as a rising star in the world of hip-hop and beyond.

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