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Pusha T Takes Dig at Drake Over "Mob Talk" Amidst Feud with Kendrick Lamar and Future: "Not a pinky nail"

Pusha T Mocks Drake's Tough Guy Persona Amidst Ongoing Hip-Hop Feuds
Pusha T has ridiculed Drake's "Mob Ties" image, dismissing any notion that his rival poses a real threat outside the studio.

Drake's list of adversaries seems to be growing, with Kendrick Lamar and Future recently dissing him in their music, and Rick Ross unfollowing him on Instagram.

Adding insult to injury, Pusha T laughed off Drake's reputation for portraying himself as a tough guy, particularly evident in his song "Mob Ties."

In response to a fan's comment highlighting Drake's history of "mob talk" and the lack of physical retaliation against Pusha T, the Clipse rapper sarcastically replied, "Not a pinky nail… [crying face emoji]."

Pusha T Throws Jab at Drake Amid Kendrick Lamar Beef, Asserts "Not a Pinky Nail" Touched Him

The feud between Pusha T and Drake has been ongoing for more than a decade, marked by numerous diss tracks exchanged between the two artists.

Their beef reached its peak in 2018 when Pusha T released "The Story of Adidon," revealing that Drake had fathered a child with an adult film star, a fact he had kept hidden from the public.

Despite the intensity of their feud, Drake's focus has shifted to other rivals in recent times. His longstanding rivalry with Kendrick Lamar has resurfaced, and he seems to have also garnered animosity from Future.

Kendrick Lamar took aim at Drake in his verse on "Like That" from Future and Metro Boomin's collaborative album, delivering scathing lyrics that challenged Drake's status in the rap game.

While Drake has yet to directly respond to these shots, he has made cryptic remarks during his performances and on social media, suggesting he's unfazed by the provocations.

Drake's associate, OVO Chubbs, also entered the fray by dismissing rumors of Kendrick Lamar planning a diss track against Drake, indicating that Kendrick knows better than to escalate the feud.

In the ever-evolving landscape of rap feuds, Pusha T's mockery of Drake's tough image adds another layer to the ongoing drama in the hip-hop world.

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