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Rick Ross Dragged Birdman into Feud, Claims Drake Has A Team Of Ghostwriters

Rick Ross Throws Shade at Birdman and Drake in Instagram Feud
Rick Ross stirred up controversy in the hip-hop world with his recent Instagram Stories aimed at Birdman and Drake. In a series of posts on Tuesday, Rozay didn't hold back, alleging financial struggles and poking fun at Drake's social media habits.

The feud between Rick Ross and Drake escalated when Ross dragged Birdman, the co-founder of Cash Money Records, into the mix. Ross claimed that Birdman's house went into foreclosure five years ago and suggested that Drake, with his immense wealth, should have helped his longtime friend out of financial trouble.
Your best friend, Birdman, his house went into foreclosure five years ago. You done watched that man struggle for five years and ain’t got that man a mansion.

- Rick Ross

This claim aligns with reports that surfaced in 2018, stating that Birdman faced eviction from his Miami Beach mansion due to unpaid mortgage payments. Birdman eventually sold the property for a significantly lower price than its original value. 
Ross didn't stop there; he gave Drake an ultimatum, challenging him to provide financial assistance to Birdman within 48 hours. Ross taunted Drake by suggesting that purchasing a mansion for Birdman should be a minor expense for someone as wealthy as him. Additionally, Ross took aim at Drake's private jet, alleging that it was an outdated cargo plane from 1978. 

He jokingly warned Drake and anyone flying on the jet to take precautions, suggesting that it might not be safe for travel. The rapper also ridiculed Drake's response tactics, claiming that Drake's lengthy Instagram DMs are a result of ghostwriters crafting his messages. 

Ross suggested that Drake should communicate directly with him instead of relying on others to craft his social media posts.
He’ll take a picture and post it because he ghostwriters for his fucking captions. He got the people sitting around, ‘What’s Rick gonna do next? Let’s go! Come up with it!

- Rick Ross

Rick Ross Takes Aim at Birdman in Drake Feud, Alleges Ghostwriter Team:

Throughout his tirade, Ross referred to Drake as "BBL Drizzy," mocking him with the nickname. He insinuated that Drake's social media presence is manufactured and encouraged him to engage with fans more authentically.

The feud between Rick Ross and Drake, fueled by Ross's bold accusations and jabs, adds another layer to the ongoing drama in the hip-hop community. As fans await Drake's response, it remains to be seen how this feud will unfold and whether Birdman will play a more active role in the conflict.

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