Russ Refuses to Weigh In on J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar's Beef, Admitting He's Too Old for That

Russ Admits He's Too Old for J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar Drama: "I'm 31"

Russ Stays Neutral Amid J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar Feud: "I'm 31"
Russ has opted to steer clear of the ongoing feud between rap titans J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, making it clear that he's not picking sides. The rapper Russ, known for his candid remarks, injected some humor into the situation when asked if he was choosing a side, responding with a simple "I'm 31" on X (formerly Twitter). While some fans agreed with Russ's stance, others questioned the relevance of his age to the matter at hand.

Russ Refuses to Get Involved in J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar's Beef:

This decision comes amidst J. Cole's response to Kendrick Lamar's recent diss on the track "7 Minute Drill," from Cole's surprise project Might Delete Later. In the song, Cole delivers scathing bars aimed at Kendrick, questioning the quality of his recent work and asserting his own rise to prominence. Drawing parallels to JAY-Z's iconic diss track "Takeover," Cole suggests that Kendrick's provocation mirrors Nas's role in the rap beef.

Cole's retaliation arrives just weeks after Kendrick Lamar took shots at him and Drake in his guest verse on Future and Metro Boomin's "Like That." While Drake has yet to respond directly on record, he addressed the situation during a performance in Florida, expressing confidence in his own abilities and brushing off any potential threats to his status.

The exchange between Cole, Kendrick, and Drake has sparked intense debate among fans and observers, with each artist's loyal following weighing in on social media platforms. Some see it as a healthy competition, while others view it as unnecessary drama in the hip-hop community.

Despite the tension, many are eagerly anticipating the release of Cole's forthcoming album, The Fall Off, teased at the end of "7 Minute Drill." With anticipation building for new music from all three artists, it's clear that the rap landscape will continue to evolve as the feud unfolds.

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