Ryan Garcia Goes Off On Kanye West for Declining Offer to Accompany Him to the Ring After Diddy Joke

Boxer Ryan Garcia Calls Out Kanye West Over Alleged Decline to Accompany Him to the Ring

Ryan Garcia Sparks Feud with Kanye West Over "No Diddy" Tweet
Boxing sensation Ryan Garcia is making waves on social media, particularly on X, where he's engaged in a heated exchange with none other than Kanye West. The feud ignited when Garcia reached out to 50 Cent on April 3, expressing his desire for the rap mogul to accompany him for his upcoming fight against Devin Haney on April 20.

However, Garcia's request came with a condition: "No Diddy," alluding to ongoing controversies surrounding the music mogul.

While it's unclear if Garcia made a similar request to Kanye West, he alleges that the VULTURES MC declined, possibly due to the reference to Diddy in his tweet. This perceived snub didn't sit well with Garcia, prompting him to unleash a barrage of fiery tweets directed at Kanye.
In his social media tirade, Garcia didn't hold back, launching at least 16 scathing verbal attacks at the renowned rapper. It all started with a provocative post questioning why Kanye took offense to his "no Diddy" remark, provocatively suggesting that Kanye had delusions of grandeur by likening himself to a new Jesus figure.

Ryan Garcia Blasts Kanye West Over Ring Walk Snub Due to "No Diddy" Joke

As the tweets escalated, Garcia's allegations grew more outlandish, including claims about Kanye's personal life and relationships. Some tweets were deleted, hinting at even more controversial statements, including insinuations about Kanye's romantic entanglements and family dynamics.

Among Garcia's pointed remarks were accusations about Kanye's purported support for controversial figures and his defense of Diddy, whom Garcia suggests has a paternal influence over Kanye. Despite the bold claims and personal attacks, Kanye has remained silent on the matter, offering no response to Garcia's allegations.

The online spat between Garcia and Kanye has sparked widespread attention and speculation among fans and followers. As the feud continues to unfold on social media, many await Kanye's response, curious to see how he will address Garcia's provocative accusations and whether he will choose to engage in the public dispute.

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