Quavo and Saweetie Apparently Reacts To Chris Brown's New Diss Track 'Weakest Link'

Quavo and Saweetie Appear to Respond to Chris Brown's Diss Track in Latest Social Media Posts

Quavo and Saweetie Respond to Chris Brown's Diss Track "Weakest Link" with Cool Demeanor
Quavo and Saweetie seem to have brushed off Chris Brown's recent diss track aimed at Quavo, indicating that they're not letting the beef get to them.

Chris Brown stirred up the pot on Friday with the release of "Weakest Link," where he took direct shots at the Migos member. 

Among his disses was a claim that he had been romantically involved with Saweetie while she was still in a relationship with Quavo. Additionally, Brown didn't hold back, even mentioning Takeoff, Quavo's former groupmate who tragically passed away two years ago.

However, Quavo's response suggests that he's not sweating the situation too much. The day after Brown's diss track dropped, Quavo took to social media to share a post that seemingly reflects his nonchalant attitude towards the drama.
Over on Instagram, Quavo posted a photo of Young Thug looking rather unimpressed during a court appearance. The image has gained traction online due to its resemblance to a popular trope from the mockumentary sitcom The Office.

Quavo Reacts To Chris Brown's Diss:

Meanwhile, Saweetie took a more direct approach in addressing the situation. She took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to offer what appears to be a subtle response to Brown's mention of her in his diss track.

Saweetie Appears to Respond Following Chris Brown's Diss Track Mentioning Her:

"Weakest Link" was unleashed online, featuring Quavo gracing the cover art while casually enjoying a hot dog.

In the track, Brown doesn't hold back, referencing Quavo's past relationship with his ex-girlfriend and firing back with his own claims about Saweetie's involvement: 

You f*cked my ex-ho, that’s cool, I don’t give no f*ck, lil nigga/ ‘Cause I f*cked yo’ ex when you were still with her, b*tch, I’m up, lil n*gga.

- Chris Brown On "Weakest Link"

While the tensions seem to be running high between Brown and Quavo, it looks like Quavo and Saweetie are keeping their cool and not letting the diss track get under their skin.

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