Soulja Boy Wants to Buy TikTok After Biden Signs Bill Amidst Threat of U.S. Ban

Soulja Boy Expresses Interest in Buying TikTok Amid App Ban Concerns

Soulja Boy Considers TikTok Acquisition Amid Biden's U.S. Ban Warning
Soulja Boy, known for his entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas, sees an opportunity in the recent developments surrounding TikTok

With President Biden's approval of a bill that could potentially lead to TikTok's ban in the U.S. if not sold, Soulja Boy has thrown his hat into the ring as a potential buyer for the popular social media platform.

Expressing his disbelief over the possibility of TikTok being banned, Soulja Boy took to Twitter to voice his concerns, stating:
I can’t believe yall just gon let them ban TikTok like that. And yall think it’s funny. If they do it to this app they can do it to any app or site. Not cool fr yall will see later.

- Soulja Boy

In a tongue-in-cheek manner, he humorously suggested that he would be willing to purchase TikTok, asking, "How much want for TikTok? I’ll buy it. @tiktok_us." 

Soulja Boy Wants To Buy TikTok Amid App Ban Threat

Soulja Boy's bold move to potentially acquire TikTok has garnered attention, with many joining him in criticizing the potential ban. TikTok itself labeled the bill as "unconstitutional" in a tweet, emphasizing the adverse impact it could have on millions of businesses and individuals who use the platform.

According to reports from CNBC, President Biden signed the bill into law, giving ByteDance, the Chinese-owned parent company of TikTok, nine months to divest from the app if it wishes to continue its operations in the U.S. Originally, the House proposed a shorter timeline of six months for ByteDance to sell TikTok, but the bill was later extended and bundled with foreign aid packages for various U.S. allies.

Soulja Boy's interest in acquiring TikTok highlights the rapper's forward-thinking approach and entrepreneurial ambitions. 

With his track record of success in the music industry and ventures into technology and business, Soulja Boy's potential involvement in TikTok's future adds an intriguing twist to the ongoing saga surrounding the popular social media platform.

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