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Usher's Son's Hilarious Adventure: Stealing His Dad's Phone to DM PinkPantheress

Usher's Son's Clever Move: DMing PinkPantheress
Usher's household experienced a delightful mix of surprise and amusement when his son, Naviyd Ely Raymond, took matters into his own hands by using his father's phone to connect with one of his favorite artists, PinkPantheress

The iconic R&B singer shared the humorous tale on his Instagram Story, recounting the incident that unfolded on Wednesday night.

It all began when Usher noticed some unexpected direct messages on his phone, accompanied by a profile picture featuring Buttercup from the beloved animated series "Powerpuff Girls." 

Intrigued, he delved deeper into the messages and discovered that they were from none other than his own son, Naviyd, who had used Usher's account to reach out to PinkPantheress.
In the messages, the 15-year-old introduced himself as Usher's son and professed his genuine admiration for PinkPantheress, declaring himself as her true biggest fan. 

He even made a bold plea for a follow-back, mentioning that he had introduced his father to her music and referring to PinkPantheress' track "Do You Miss Me?" that Usher had recently shared on his Story with enthusiastic fire emojis.

Upon realizing the source of the messages, Usher couldn't help but chuckle at the audacity of his son's actions. He shared his initial reaction, jokingly admitting, "I open it, and I'm like, 'Oh, this boy DM'd this girl from my damn phone.'" However, rather than scolding his son, Usher decided to embrace the situation and reached out to PinkPantheress to extend his apologies for Naviyd's enthusiastic approach.

Usher's Son Stole His Phone To DM PinkPantheress:

Much to their surprise and delight, PinkPantheress responded graciously to the unexpected DMs and even invited them to attend her upcoming show. Usher, appreciating his son's initiative and dedication, accepted the invitation on Naviyd's behalf, acknowledging his son's creativity and determination in capturing PinkPantheress' attention.

The encounter with PinkPantheress turned out to be a memorable experience for Naviyd, who proudly updated his profile picture to a selfie with the artist. 

Reflecting on the incident, Usher humorously admitted his oversight in underestimating his son's resourcefulness while also commending him for orchestrating the entire interaction from a simple text to a concert invitation.

Usher acknowledged the lesson learned and expressed gratitude for his son's hustle, despite the breach of trust. It was indeed a testament to Naviyd's ingenuity and determination, proving that sometimes, unconventional methods yield unexpected yet delightful results in the world of music and beyond.

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