50 Cent Continues Trolling Diddy’s Son King Combs After His Threatening Diss Track Against His Dad's Rival Drops

50 Cent Shares Hilarious Response To Sean Diddy's Son’s Diss Track Against Him: ‘Afraid For My Life’

King Combs and 50 Cent Engage in Fiery Exchange Over Diss Track Aimed at Diddy's Detractors
50 Cent and King Combs are engaged in a heated exchange after the release of King's diss track aimed at his father's detractors.

In the track titled "Pick a Side," King Combs directly addresses 50 Cent's taunts towards his father, Sean "Diddy" Combs, amidst the se*ual assault and se* trafficking allegations the family is facing.

The 26-year-old rapper warns, "When all they had was 50 Cent who put the city on the map? / Stop lying, pops been hated on by many men and n-gga, that’s fine / They gon’ try to stop these Eminems and they gon’ die tryin'."

He further challenges anyone to question his father's authority with the phrase "no Diddy," referencing 50 Cent's previous use of the "pause" concept in his trolling campaign against Diddy.
As expected, 50 Cent swiftly responded on Instagram, sharing a photo of King performing with his father and sarcastically downplaying the threat, stating, "I feel so threatened by the things Christian is saying on his record. I’m afraid for my life, please don’t hurt me guys."

50 Cent's Reaction to Diddy's Son's Diss Track Goes Viral:

Additionally, 50 Cent brought up the se*ual assault allegations against King, posting pictures of the alleged victim's injuries and making derogatory remarks about the situation.

In another post, 50 Cent addressed specific lyrics from King's track, expressing concern over potential implications amidst ongoing federal investigations.

King Combs faced allegations of se*ual assault from Grace O’Marcaigh in recent months, stemming from an incident during a family holiday in Saint Martin in 2022.

The exchange between 50 Cent and King Combs highlights the ongoing tensions between the two camps and adds further fuel to the fire surrounding the controversies surrounding the Combs family.

As the saga continues to unfold, fans are left eagerly awaiting further developments and responses from both sides in this escalating feud.

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