DJ Akademiks' Unexpected Response When Asked Who's Winning The Drake & Kendrick Lamar Beef

DJ Akademiks Declares Kendrick Lamar as the Winner Against Drake Following the Release of 'The Heart Part 6'

DJ Akademiks Analyzes Drake-Kendrick Lamar Feud Amid Weekend Feud
DJ Akademiks finds himself amidst a whirlwind of activity as he delves deep into the ongoing feud between rap titans Drake and Kendrick Lamar. 

Known for his support of Drake, Akademiks has long been considered one of the rapper's staunchest advocates. However, recent developments in the feud have forced Akademiks to reassess his allegiances.

In a weekend marked by fast-fire releases and escalating tensions, Kendrick Lamar made his presence felt with a series of hard-hitting tracks. 
Just 45 minutes after Drake dropped "Family Matters" Kendrick unleashed "Meet The Grahams," a song that left fans shaken with its raw intensity. 

Not content to stop there, Kendrick followed up with the infectious club anthem "Not Like Us," which quickly became a staple at parties and gatherings nationwide.

Despite Drake's swift response with "The Heart Part 6," addressing allegations of pedophilia and targeting Kendrick's family, Akademiks found himself unable to unequivocally declare Drake as the victor. 

While he acknowledges Drake's potential to regain the upper hand with another track, Akademiks concedes that Kendrick's relentless barrage of lyrical assaults has left a lasting impression.

In a surprising turn of events, Akademiks publicly declared Kendrick Lamar as maintaining the lead in the feud, albeit with a caveat. He suggests that if Drake were to release another song or if the feud continues, the tables could quickly turn in Drake's favor. 

Akademiks, Drake's Biggest Fan, Shockingly Picks Kendrick Lamar in Feud:

However, the release of "The Heart Part 6" feels like a concession, while Kendrick's consistent delivery of hard-hitting bars throughout the weekend has solidified his position at the forefront of the conflict.

As the feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar continues to unfold, DJ Akademiks remains at the forefront of the conversation, providing insight and analysis every step of the way. 

With both artists showing no signs of backing down, fans eagerly anticipate what the next move will be in this high-stakes battle for rap supremacy. Stay tuned for further updates as the drama unfolds in the world of hip-hop.   

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