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Andrew Tate Sparks Feud with Juice WRLD Fans, DJ Scheme Fires Back For Disrespecting Late Rapper

Andrew Tate Sparks Controversy with Juice WRLD Fans, DJ Scheme Claps Back
Andrew Tate, known for his controversial remarks, has once again stirred up a storm, this time involving Juice WRLD fans. Tate, who has amassed a substantial online following through provocative statements, remains embroiled in a se* trafficking case alongside his brother Tristan. 

Despite the ongoing legal issues, Tate continues to maintain an active presence on social media platforms, often escalating his controversial rhetoric.
The latest controversy erupted when Tate took aim at Juice WRLD fans in a tweet, igniting a firestorm of backlash. In his tweet, Tate disparaged Juice WRLD fans as "mindless," triggering outrage among supporters of the late rapper.
Imagine being a fan of juice wrld, f*cking mindless.

- Andrew Tate

Juice WRLD, a beloved figure in the hip-hop community, tragically passed away five years ago, leaving behind a dedicated fanbase still grieving his loss.

DJ Scheme, a collaborator and close associate of Juice WRLD, was quick to respond to Tate's disparaging remarks with scathing criticism. Scheme condemned Tate as a "loser" and accused him of seeking attention through inflammatory statements. 

Furthermore, Scheme leveled allegations against Tate, referring to him as a "human trafficker," although these claims have yet to be substantiated in a court of law.

1. you're a fucking loser. 2. Every content creator passed u around like a little wh*re now ur all washed up and nobody gives a f*ck about you. And for the finale literally you're a human tr*fficker.

- Dj Scheme

DJ Scheme Calls Andrew Tate "Wh*re" for Disparaging Juice WRLD Fans:

The confrontation between Tate and DJ Scheme underscores the sensitivity surrounding Juice WRLD's legacy and the loyalty of his fanbase. Many fans view Tate's comments as disrespectful and insensitive, especially considering the ongoing legal troubles he faces. 

Scheme's impassioned response reflects the deep emotional connection between artists and their supporters within the hip-hop community.

Tate's provocative behavior raises questions about his motives and intentions, particularly in light of his legal challenges. 

Critics argue that Tate's inflammatory remarks serve only to attract attention and generate controversy, rather than contribute meaningfully to the discourse. 

As the feud continues to unfold online, observers are left to ponder the impact of Tate's divisive rhetoric on the hip-hop community and its fans.

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