Diddy Accused of Blocking Biggie's 'Rolling Stone' Cover: 'He's Dead… I Need to Be on the Cover’

Diddy Reportedly Prioritized His Debut Album Over Notorious B.I.G.'s Rolling Stone Cover

Diddy's Alleged Self-Promotion Over Biggie: Rolling Stone Controversy
Diddy's management decisions have come under scrutiny again, with allegations surfacing about him prioritizing his debut album over honoring the late Notorious B.I.G. with a Rolling Stone cover.

Recently, Rolling Stone published an in-depth investigation into Diddy's career, shedding light on his actions during his time at Howard University, Uptown Records, and Bad Boy Records. 
One revelation from the article involves former Bad Boy co-founder Kirk Burrowes recalling a pivotal moment when Rolling Stone proposed featuring Biggie Smalls on the cover.

Burrowes claims he urged Diddy to allow Biggie to grace the cover, but Diddy allegedly opted to take the opportunity for himself, citing the need to promote his forthcoming debut album, No Way Out. 

Despite Burrowes suggesting that Biggie still had potential for future covers, Diddy allegedly insisted, stating:
No, he's dead. I'm putting out [No Way Out] in July. I need to be on the cover of Rolling Stone.

- Diddy

Diddy Allegedly Blocked Biggie's 'Rolling Stone' Cover:

Ultimately, Diddy secured the coveted cover spot in 1997, posing in a fur coat, Versace underwear, and a Chicago White Sox fitted cap with "B.I.G." emblazoned on his chest. 

The article also reveals Diddy's acknowledgment, in a subsequent Rolling Stone interview, that Biggie's death significantly boosted album sales, a fact he found discomforting but acknowledged as reality.

Further insights from the Rolling Stone piece delve into the strained relationship between Diddy and Biggie, with indications that the latter contemplated leaving Bad Boy Records to gain sole control over his career. 

Allegedly, Biggie expressed intentions to depart from Diddy's management, a sentiment echoed by his friend and photographer Monique Bunn.

Additionally, legal disputes over publishing rights added tension to their professional association, with Diddy purportedly adamant about retaining control. 

According to reports, Diddy asserted, "I will never give it up until I'm dead and my bones are crushed into powder," indicating his staunch stance on the matter.

Overall, the Rolling Stone investigation provides a glimpse into the complexities of the relationship between Diddy and Notorious B.I.G., highlighting the intersection of music, business, and personal ambition in the hip-hop industry.

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