Drake Raps Over Metro Boomin's "BBL Drizzy" Diss Beat on Se*yy Red Single “U My Everything”

Drake Raps Over Metro Boomin’s ‘BBL Drizzy’ Beat on New Sexyy Red Single

Drake Reclaims "BBL Drizzy" Beat: A Bold Move in the Wake of Kendrick Lamar Rivalry
Drake faced a setback after his much-discussed rivalry with Kendrick Lamar, with many conceding defeat to Lamar following the success of his hit single "Not Like Us" and the viral "BBL Drizzy" challenge. 

The latter refers to an instrumental crafted by none other than Drake's adversary, Metro Boomin. It wasn't the brightest moment in Drake's career. 

However, the Toronto rapper is making a comeback and turning his losses into wins, or at least attempting to do so. 
In a surprising move, Drake decided to reclaim the narrative by dropping a guest verse on the latest single by Se*yy Red, titled "U My Everything," and chose to rap over the "BBL Drizzy" instrumental himself.
Me and the surgeon got history, I changed a lot of girls lives for real. They need a new body, they hittin' me, ayy. BBL Drizzy, they want a new body, they ask me for it. The last one drunk, he did it for free 'cause I sent over so many.

- Drake

Listen: Drake Raps Over Metro Boomin’s ‘BBL Drizzy’ Beat on Se*yy Red Project

While the majority of the track features an original beat, with Se*yy Red showcasing her talent over a powerful production by Tay Keith, Drake's entrance brings a twist as the beat seamlessly transitions to the "BBL Drizzy" instrumental. 

Originally crafted by Metro Boomin to poke fun at Drake's rumored cosmetic surgeries, Drake reinterprets the sample, asserting his ability to enhance women's bodies.

By embracing the "BBL Drizzy" beat and flipping its meaning to showcase his influence and generosity, Drake showcases his resilience and ability to turn negative situations into opportunities for empowerment and self-expression. 

As he navigates through the complexities of fame and rivalry, Drake continues to innovate and captivate audiences with his musical prowess and lyrical prowess.

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