The Drake-Kendrick Lamar Beef: 2024 Diss Tracks Timeline

A Timeline of the Kendrick Lamar and Drake Beef: What We Know So Far

The Complete Timeline: Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar Beef in 2024
In the heart of hip-hop's battleground, where every beat is a challenge and every rhyme a declaration of supremacy, a fierce rivalry has erupted between two modern-day rap icons: Drake and Kendrick Lamar. 

What began as subtle jabs and veiled references has evolved into a full-blown lyrical war, captivating fans and sending shockwaves through the industry. 
Let's delve into the timeline of this epic feud, where no punchline is spared and no boundary left uncrossed.

Here’s a complete timeline of the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar in 2024:

March 26, 2024: Lamar's Strategic Strike on "Like That"

The first salvo in this rap saga was fired when Kendrick Lamar lent his lyrical prowess to "Like That," a track by Future and Metro Boomin

Lamar's bars cut through the air like a razor-sharp blade, dismissing Drake's claim to rap dominance and asserting his own singular greatness. Lamar made it clear that he was not to be trifled with lines like:

Motherf**k the big three, n****, it's just big me.

- Kendrick Lamar On 'Like That'


April 5, 2024: J. Cole's Brief Intervention

Caught in the crossfire of this escalating feud, J. Cole entered the fray with "7-Minute Drill," a diss track aimed squarely at Lamar. 

However, Cole quickly backtracked, expressing regret for his involvement in the drama and withdrawing the song from streaming services. 

His hasty retreat only added fuel to the fire, leaving fans wondering who would strike next in this high-stakes battle of words.

J. Cole issues an apology to Kendrick Lamar for his “7 Minute Drill” diss track:

April 19, 2024: Drake's Counteroffensive with "Push Ups" and "Taylor Made Freestyle"

Never one to back down from a challenge, Drake unleashed a blistering assault on Lamar with "Push Ups" and "Taylor Made Freestyle.

In these tracks, Drake took aim at Lamar's stature, questioning his physical size and mocking his perceived arrogance. With lines like:
How the f**k you big steppin’ with a size-seven men’s on?

- Drake

Drake sought to undermine Lamar's credibility and assert his own dominance in the rap game.

April 30, 2024: Lamar's Resolute Response with "Euphoria"

Refusing to be outdone, Kendrick Lamar hit back with "Euphoria," a six-minute diss track that pulled no punches. 

In this scathing rebuke, Lamar attacked Drake's character and questioned his integrity as both an artist and a man. With lines like:
Know you a master manipulator and habitual liar too.

- Kendrick Lamar

Lamar sought to expose Drake's vulnerabilities and assert his own moral superiority.

May 3, 2024: Lamar's Provocative Move with "6:16 in LA"

In a bold move designed to unsettle his opponent, Lamar dropped "6:16 in LA," a track filled with provocative lyrics and insinuations of infiltration. 

By questioning Drake's inner circle and hinting at betrayal from within, Lamar sought to sow doubt and discord in the ranks of his rival. With lines like:
Have you ever thought that OVO was working for me?

- Kendrick Lamar

Lamar challenged Drake's authority and laid the groundwork for further conflict.

May 3, 2024: Drake's Vengeful Retort with "Family Matters"

Unwilling to let Lamar's accusations go unanswered, Drake unleashed "Family Matters," a track that delved into the personal lives of both rappers. 

In this brutal takedown, Drake alleged domestic issues and infidelity in Lamar's relationship, seeking to tarnish his rival's reputation and undermine his moral authority. With lines like:
When you put your hands on your girl, is it self-defense ’cause she’s bigger than you?

- Drake

Drake struck at the heart of Lamar's identity, aiming to expose his weaknesses for all to see.

May 4, 2024: Lamar's Swift Rebuttal with "Meet the Grahams"

With no time to waste, Kendrick Lamar fired back with "Meet the Grahams," a track that hit Drake where it hurt the most. 

In this scathing indictment, Lamar questioned Drake's honesty and fatherhood, alleging that he had a secret daughter that the public didn't know about. With lines like:
You lied about your son, you lied about your daughter, huh.

- Kendrick Lamar

Lamar sought to undermine Drake's credibility and expose him as a fraud.

May 4, 2024: Lamar's Unyielding Assault with "Not Like Us"

Refusing to hold back, Kendrick Lamar continued his assault on Drake with "Not Like Us," a track filled with bold accusations and blistering insults. 

In this relentless barrage, Lamar alleged pedophilia and questioned Drake's legitimacy as a rapper, seeking to tarnish his rival's reputation and undermine his authority. With lines like:
Certified Lover Boy? Certified pedophiles.

- Kendrick Lamar

Lamar pulled no punches and left Drake reeling from the impact of his words.

May 5, 2024: Drake's Final Stand with "The Heart Part 6"

Determined to have the last word, Drake unleashed "The Heart Part 6," a track that sought to dispel rumors and reaffirm his dominance in the face of Lamar's relentless assault. 

In this defiant anthem, Drake declared that he would not be brought down by false accusations and baseless rumors. With lines like:
This Epstein angle was the s**t I expected.

- Drake

Drake sought to turn the tables on Lamar and reclaim his rightful place at the top of the rap game.
As the dust settles and the echoes of diss tracks fade, one thing remains clear: the feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar has etched itself into the annals of hip-hop history

With each bar and beat, these two rap titans have pushed the boundaries of the genre and redefined the meaning of lyrical warfare. 

And while the outcome of this epic clash may still be uncertain, one thing is for sure: the world of rap will never be the same again.

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