Drake Lists $88 Million Beverly Hills Mansion Amid Kendrick Lamar Controversy

Drake Puts Beverly Hills Mansion Back on Market Amid Kendrick Lamar Beef

Drake's $88 Million Beverly Hills Mansion Hits Market Amid Kendrick Lamar Feud

Drake's real estate moves are making headlines once again amidst his ongoing feud with Kendrick Lamar. 

The Toronto rapper, recently perceived as losing ground in the hip-hop community's eyes, is now facing property issues alongside his professional challenges. 

Reports surfaced of Drake's OVO store in London being vandalized, followed by unsettling security breaches at his Toronto estate, where trespassers were detected on two consecutive days. 
To add to the drama, on May 10, Drake made a significant decision regarding his Beverly Hills property.

According to TMZ, Drake relisted his expansive Beverly Hills mansion last week. Situated on a sprawling 20-acre estate, the property boasts an impressive 24,000 square feet of living space, including seven bedrooms and a jaw-dropping 22 bathrooms. 

Not to mention the luxurious 11-car garage, reflecting Drake's penchant for the finer things in life.

Drake Lists $88 Million Beverly Hills Estate Amid Kendrick Lamar Feud:

What sets this property apart is its distinct layout, with the main house and guest space separated, offering ultimate privacy and exclusivity. 

Every detail of the mansion exudes opulence, resonating with the style and flair synonymous with the artist behind "God's Plan." 

However, such luxury comes with a hefty price tag, as Drake has listed the Beverly Hills home for a staggering $88 million.

This isn't the first time Drake has attempted to sell the property. Back in May 2023, he initially listed it with a similar price tag. 

It's worth noting that Drake acquired the mansion for a reported $75 million, more than double what the previous owner, UK star Robbie Williams, paid for it. 

While Drake's music career may be experiencing turbulence, his real estate dealings continue to captivate attention. 

As fans and industry insiders speculate about his next move, one thing remains clear: Drake's Beverly Hills mansion represents more than just a lavish residence; it's a symbol of his enduring legacy in both the music and property realms.

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