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Gunna Takes Aim at Drake & Lil Baby in New Album 'One of Wun'

Drake & Lil Baby Receive Subtle Jabs from Gunna on "One of Wun"
Drake and Lil Baby have shared a history of collaboration, often teaming up on tracks that have resonated with fans. 

Notably, both artists have previously worked with Gunna, contributing to a dynamic musical landscape. 

The trio's association was particularly highlighted by Lil Baby and Gunna's joint album release in 2018, showcasing their synergy as artists influenced by the mentorship of Young Thug.

However, recent developments have seen Drake and Lil Baby distancing themselves from Gunna, purportedly due to lingering suspicions within the industry regarding Gunna's involvement in legal matters. 
Following Gunna's arrest alongside Young Thug in 2022, subsequent perceptions of Gunna being associated with potential informants led to strained relationships between the artists.

Gunna's latest album, "One of Wun," released on Friday, garnered attention from fans eager to decipher any lyrical references to his past experiences and relationships. 

Listen: Gunna Throws Subtle Jabs at Drake & Lil Baby in 'One of Wun' Album

Notably, certain lines from the track "Still Prevail" sparked speculation among fans, hinting at veiled jabs directed towards Drake. 

Gunna's lyrics seemingly allude to individuals resorting to paying for physical enhancements, with some interpreting this as a subtle nod towards Drake, particularly in light of recent diss tracks from artists like Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar.

Similarly, on the track "Collage," Gunna's lyrics touch upon the notion of self-sufficiency as an artist, hinting at a departure from reliance on external contributors. 

Fans have speculated that these lyrics may reference Lil Baby, as longstanding rumors within the hip-hop community have suggested Gunna's involvement in Lil Baby's songwriting process. 

While these allegations remain unverified, they have fueled conjecture among fans regarding the dynamics of their creative partnership.

In the broader context of Gunna's album release, the perceived subliminal shots directed towards Drake and Lil Baby have prompted discussions within the rap community. 

Despite the absence of explicit confirmation, fans have interpreted these lyrical nuances as indicative of underlying tensions between Gunna and his former collaborators. 

As the hip-hop landscape continues to evolve, such lyrical analyses contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding artist relationships and creative authenticity within the genre.

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