Kai Cenat Sets the Record Straight: Drake Did Not Block Him After Criticizing Latest Diss

Kai Cenat Refutes Claims of Being Blocked by Drake Following Critical Remarks on Latest Diss Track

Kai Cenat's Role in Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar Feud
In the intense rap rivalry between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has found himself in the spotlight. 

With close ties to Drake and his critical stance on the ongoing diss track exchanges, Cenat has become a significant voice in the saga.

Referenced in Drake's track "Push Ups," Cenat initially echoed the sentiments of many fans when he expressed disappointment with Drake's response in "The Heart Part 6." 

He believed Drake fell short of the lofty standard set by Lamar, leading to speculation that he had been blacklisted by the Canadian superstar himself.
The drama unfolded on May 6 during one of Cenat's Twitch streams. As fans encouraged him to reach out to Drake, he attempted to contact the rapper but found his calls going unanswered and his messages appearing as green texts, a common indicator of being blocked on iPhones. 

Concerns arose, and rumors quickly spread that Drake had cut off communication with Cenat due to his criticisms.

However, Cenat addressed the speculation on May 7 during another stream, clarifying that Drake hadn't blocked him. Instead, he had unknowingly used an outdated number.  He asserted, explaining the misunderstanding:
[Drake] didn't block me. That's his old number. He just got a new number, I just never got his new number.

- Kai Cenat

The situation escalated days earlier when Drake sent Cenat a surprising message on Instagram, urging him to remain on stream. This timely instruction preceded the release of Drake's diss track aimed at Lamar, titled "Family Matters." 

Kai Cenat Denies Drake's Alleged Blocking Amid Criticism of Recent Diss Song:

Despite Drake's attempts to quell the feud, Kendrick Lamar escalated it with two additional diss tracks within just 24 hours. 

Consequently, when Drake finally responded with "The Heart Part 6," fans seemed to favor Lamar, a sentiment shared by Cenat:

I love Drake, I love his music. But [Kendrick] is cooking, bro... This is me being completely honest.

- Kai Cenat

As the rivalry between Drake and Lamar continues to unfold, the role of Kai Cenat remains significant, with fans eagerly awaiting the next developments in this epic hip-hop battle.

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