Kendrick Lamar Accuses Drake of Sleeping with Lil Wayne's Girlfriend While He Was in Jail in New Diss Track 'Not Like Us'

Kendrick Lamar Said Drake Slept with Lil Wayne’s Girl While He Was in Jail and Then Got His Face Tatted on His Arm

Kendrick Lamar Drops Bombshell Accusation Against Drake in New Diss Track 'Not Like Us'
The ongoing rap feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake shows no signs of cooling down, with Kendrick dropping yet another scathing diss track aimed at his rival.

In his latest release, "Not Like Us," Kendrick doesn't hold back, delivering biting lyrics that accuse Drake of disturbing behavior, including being involved with a convicted se* trafficker and even betraying Lil Wayne. 
One of the most shocking lines in the track alleges that Drake slept with Lil Wayne's girlfriend while Wayne was in jail, a claim that appears to have some truth to it.
F*cked on Wayne's girl while he was in jail, that's conniving / Then get his face tatted like a bitch, apologizing.

- Kendrick Lamar

This accusation isn't new, as Lil Wayne himself has spoken about the incident publicly, recounting how Drake confessed to him while he was serving time in Rikers Island. 

In a TMZ report from 2015, Wayne revealed that he was shopping around a tell-all book detailing his prison experience, where he mentioned the betrayal by Drake.
As a man, honestly, that shit hurt...and not because it was Drake. It could've been any man and it would've hurt the same. She said it happened way before we got together, but she just never told me.

- Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Confirming Kendrick Lamar’s Claims Drake Slept with His Girlfriend While He Was in Prison:

Kendrick Lamar alleges Drake hooked up with Lil Wayne’s girl while he was jailed and then got his face tatted on his arm:

Despite the timing of the incident being before Wayne and the woman began dating, the revelation still deeply affected him.

Reflecting on the situation, Wayne expressed how the betrayal hurt him as a man, emphasizing that it wasn't about Drake specifically, but rather the breach of trust by someone close to him. 

While the woman claimed the incident occurred before their relationship, Wayne admitted that learning the truth was painful regardless.

The rap community has been buzzing with reactions to Kendrick's latest diss track, with many fans weighing in on the ongoing feud between the two artists. Some commend Kendrick for his boldness in calling out Drake, while others speculate on the potential fallout from these allegations.

As the saga continues to unfold, one thing is clear: the tension between Kendrick Lamar and Drake shows no signs of dissipating anytime soon. 

With each new diss track, the stakes are raised higher, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next move in this rap battle.

Kendrick Lamar's latest diss track "Not Like Us" adds fuel to the fire in his ongoing feud with Drake, as he delivers biting accusations that have sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community.

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