Video Resurfaces of Kendrick Lamar Allowing White Fan to Say N-Word Onstage During Concert Amid Drake Beef

Kendrick Lamar Faces Backlash Over Video Showing Him Letting White Fan Use N-Word Onstage 

Kendrick Lamar Controversy: White Fan N-Word Incident Resurfaces Amid Drake Beef
Kendrick Lamar's recent diss track aimed at Drake, "Euphoria," has sparked various discussions and criticisms within the hip-hop community. 

While some argue that Lamar's disses may not be flawless, they still hold weight in the ongoing feud. However, amidst the scrutiny of his diss track, a resurfaced video has stirred controversy online.

The viral clip depicts a moment during one of Kendrick Lamar's live performances where a white fan is seen rapping along to the lyrics of "m.A.A.d. city," including the use of the n-word. 

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This incident, although not directly related to the diss track, has raised questions about Lamar's stance on the use of such language, especially considering his final jab at Drake in "Euphoria," where he states, "We don't want to hear you say n***a no more."

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Critics have pointed out the apparent hypocrisy in Kendrick Lamar's actions, suggesting that allowing a white fan to use the n-word onstage contradicts his message in the diss track. 

However, some fans have countered this argument by referencing Lamar's previous track, "Auntie Diaries," where he addressed a similar conflict. 

It's worth noting that the referenced incident in the song occurred in 2018, while the resurfaced video appears to be from an earlier period in Lamar's career.

In the 2018 incident mentioned in "Auntie Diaries," Kendrick Lamar halted the music when a white fan used the n-word during the performance of "m.A.A.d. city." He corrected the fan and allowed her to continue after she apologized. 

However, the context surrounding the recent resurfaced video remains unclear, as it ends abruptly.

As the controversy surrounding Kendrick Lamar's handling of the use of the n-word unfolds, many anticipate Drake's response in the ongoing rap feud. 

Both artists have demonstrated their ability to counter each other's points effectively through their diss tracks, leaving fans eager to see how Drake will address this latest development in the ongoing saga.

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