Lil Wayne's Son Declares Playboi Carti the 'New Lil Wayne' and One of the Greatest Rappers Ever

Lil Novi Says Playboi Carti Has Reached Lil Wayne's Status: 'He's There'

Lil Wayne's Son Compares Playboi Carti to Iconic Dad: Hip-Hop Community Divided
Lil Wayne's son, Lil Novi, has sparked a debate in the hip-hop world by comparing Playboi Carti to his legendary father. 

In a recent interview with Flophouse Atlanta, Lil Novi boldly placed Carti just below Lil Wayne, suggesting that the young rapper has reached similar heights in the industry.
Obviously, my dad but for me, I'd say like because Carti is like the Wayne now so yeah, Carti. If you really like think, he's there, he's reached that level. He's done crazy numbers.

- Lil Novi

Lil Novi Praises Playboi Carti as the 'New Lil Wayne' and a Top Rapper:

Novi's statement stirred up a flurry of reactions when a clip of the interview surfaced on Twitter. Fans were divided, with some agreeing with Novi's assessment, while others vehemently disagreed. 
One Twitter user expressed disbelief, emphasizing Lil Wayne's unparalleled status in the rap game. 

Meanwhile, another pointed out the differences in commercial success between Lil Wayne and Carti, highlighting Lil Wayne's massive impact and influence. 

Interestingly, beyond the discussion of Carti's comparison to Lil Wayne, fans also noticed the striking resemblance in the voices of Lil Wayne and his son. 

This observation added an intriguing layer to the conversation, hinting at the possibility of Lil Novi inheriting not just his father's musical genes but also his vocal cadence. 

Lil Novi's foray into the music industry comes as no surprise, given his lineage. Following in his father's footsteps, he has been carving out his own path in the rap scene from a young age. 

His early ventures include a feature on Lil Wayne's No Ceilings 3 mixtape, showcasing his budding talent and potential. 

More recently, Lil Novi has been teasing fans with snippets of experimental music on his social media platforms, hinting at his evolving style and artistic vision. 

Born to Lil Wayne and one of four children from different mothers, Lil Novi shares a unique connection with his father, cemented by their shared passion for music. 

While Lil Wayne's legacy looms large over the rap landscape, Lil Novi's emergence signals a new chapter in the family's musical dynasty, promising to add another layer to the already rich tapestry of hip-hop history.

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