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Metro Boomin Offers Insight into the State of Hip-Hop Amid Drake and Kendrick Lamar Spat

Metro Boomin Signals Resurgence of Hip-Hop Amid Drake and Kendrick Lamar Feud
Amidst the heated feud between rap heavyweights Drake and Kendrick Lamar, producer Metro Boomin recently stirred the pot with his take on the state of hip-hop

Sharing a snapshot from his studio, Metro captioned it with a bold statement: "HIP-HOP IS ALIVE AND WELL."

Metro Boomin Comments On The Current State of Hip-Hop:

This proclamation has sent ripples through the hip-hop community, sparking speculation and interpretations among fans. Some view it as a teaser for Metro's upcoming projects or collaborations, suggesting his continued impact on the rap scene. 

Others believe it's a nod to the success of his collaborative album series, WE [STILL] DON'T TRUST YOU, and the anticipation surrounding Kendrick Lamar's response to Drake's "Euphoria."

The collaboration between Kendrick Lamar and Metro Boomin on the series' first installment, particularly the track "Like That," played a pivotal role in igniting the ongoing feud. Artists like Rick Ross, A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, and Kanye West joined the fray, amplifying tensions against Drake.

Rumors of past tensions between Metro Boomin and Drake have further fueled the fire, shedding light on underlying rifts within the OVO camp and the broader hip-hop community. 

As Drake and Kendrick Lamar exchange lyrical blows, both hint at possessing unreleased material, heightening anticipation among fans.

In the midst of this musical showdown, Metro Boomin's declaration serves as a beacon of hope for hip-hop enthusiasts, signaling potential for renewed creativity and collaboration within the genre. 

Regardless of the feud's outcome, Metro's bold assertion reminds us that hip-hop continues to thrive amidst the drama and competition.

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