Rapper Sean Kingston Arrested in California on Theft and Fraud Charges After SWAT Raid and Mother’s Arrest [VIDEO]

Sean Kingston Arrested After House Raid On Fraud & Theft Charges

Sean Kingston Arrested After Mother's SWAT Raid Detainment During California Concert
Sean Kingston Finds Himself in Legal Trouble After Mother’s Arrest and His Own Detainment During California Concert.

Sean Kingston faced a tumultuous turn of events as authorities apprehended him at a concert in California, just hours after his mother's arrest during a SWAT raid at his Florida estate. 

The artist was performing at Fort Irwin for U.S. Army personnel when he was taken into custody, following social media coverage and circulating clips of the chaotic incident.

Now, Kingston awaits extradition to Florida from a San Bernardino jail, where authorities have charged him with fraud and theft, mirroring similar charges against his mother, Janice Turner. 

Rapper Sean Kingston Arrested in California for Fraud: 

Addressing the situation on his Instagram Story, Kingston assured his followers that he and his mother are coping well, with legal representation handling the matter.

The recent arrests are linked to an ongoing lawsuit filed against Sean Kingston by Ver Ver Entertainment LLC earlier this year. 

Allegations include breach of contract and fraud, stemming from Kingston's purported failure to fulfill payment obligations for a significant purchase. 

Reportedly, Kingston promised promotional videos featuring himself and collaborator Justin Bieber in exchange for a high-value TV and sound system. 

However, after making a partial payment of $30,000 and committing to pay an additional $47,000, Kingston allegedly failed to follow through on the agreement, leaving the company with unpaid debts and unfulfilled promises.

This is not the first time Sean Kingston has faced accusations of financial misconduct. In a separate incident in November 2023, he became embroiled in a dispute with watch company Dream Watch over two luxury timepieces—a Richard Millie Model RM 65.01 Automatic and a Patek Phillipe Calibre. 

The company alleges that Kingston initiated a purchase agreement in 2022 but failed to provide payment upon delivery of the watches. 

Despite promises of a wire transfer, Kingston reportedly lacked the funds to fulfill his commitment, prompting legal action from Dream Watch seeking damages exceeding one million dollars.

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