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The Game Takes Aim at Rick Ross in Latest Diss Track "Freeway's Revenge"

The Game Fires Shots at Rick Ross in New Diss Track "Freeway's Revenge"
The Game, Renowned for his fondness for engaging in rap battles, has once again stepped into the arena, this time aiming his lyrical shots at Rick Ross. 

The Compton rapper, never one to hold back, has been publicly mocking Rick Ross for his weight, even going as far as posting an AI-altered photo of the Miami rapper running on social media. 
The Game disses Rick Ross with an AI-generated picture via IG: Now, he's taken it a step further with the release of his latest diss track titled "Freeway's Revenge," confirming that there's indeed a rap battle brewing between the two. 

Listen: The Game Fires Shots at Rick Ross in New Diss Track "Freeway's Revenge"

In typical Game fashion, he doesn't pull any punches right from the start of the track. His lyrics paint a vivid picture of slicing open Ross' stomach and stuffing it with bricks, cleverly alluding to Ross' persona as a kingpin figure in the rap game. 
With seething anger, Game raps about seeing the "b*tch" in Ross and mocks him for being just a few wings away from a heart attack.

Continuing his assault on Ross' weight, Game references an AI-altered photo of Ross running while dressed in a corrections officer outfit and carrying a bucket of chicken. 

The imagery is both brutal and humorous, showcasing Game's knack for blending aggression with wit in his diss tracks.

But Game doesn't stop there. He also makes sure to insert himself into the ongoing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, name-dropping DJ Akademiks and Kai Cenat, two prominent figures covering the feud. 
With lines aimed at both Drake and Lamar, Game signals his intent to join the fray and take shots at both sides.

However, as the diss track progresses, Game shifts his focus back to Ross, criticizing him for his past involvement with law enforcement and even emulating Ross' voice to reference his old lyrics. 

The instrumental switch adds to the track's menacing vibe, reminiscent of the lavish beats often associated with Ross' music.

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