Bebe Rexha Speaks Out Against G-Eazy, Claims He's Done ‘s–tty things’ to her, Calls Him: ‘Ungrateful loser’

Bebe Rexha Accuses ‘Me, Myself & I’ Rapper G-Eazy of Ungratefulness, Claims Credit for His Only Hit

Bebe Rexha Denounces G-Eazy After Social Media Invite

Bebe Rexha, known for her candid demeanor, took to Instagram to express her frustration with her former collaborator, G-Eazy. 

In a fiery Instagram Story posted on Thursday, June 13, Rexha revealed her true feelings towards the rapper, disclosing that she has some significant grievances against him.

The story began when a screenshot of a group chat surfaced, showing someone named Joanna asking if Rexha had any interest in shooting social media content with G-Eazy. 

The proposal suggested that the shoot would take place in New York, and it would be tied to their 2015 joint track, “Me, Myself & I.

However, Rexha's response indicated that a collaboration between the two might not be happening anytime soon. She labeled G-Eazy as an "ungrateful loser" in her Instagram post, calling him out directly.

She captioned the screenshot:

[G-Eazy] you have my number, Why don’t you text me and ask me yourself you stuck up ungrateful loser. You’re lucky people are liking you again. Cause I could go in on all the shitty things you’ve done and how you treated me after giving you your only real hit. Btw the answer is no. Hope you good.

- Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha's Instagram Story Sparks Controversy: Calls Out G-Eazy in Scathing Rant

"Me, Myself & I" served as the lead single off G-Eazy’s 2015 sophomore album, "When It’s Dark Out". 

Rexha not only featured on the track but also co-wrote and produced it. The song became one of G-Eazy’s highest-charting records, peaking at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 4 on the US Rhythmic chart.

Although Bebe Rexha deleted the Instagram Story post shortly after, she later took to Twitter to express regret about removing it.  

Someone from my team had me take down my Instagram story. I decided to remove it because it felt very negative and toxic. Sometimes trauma can lead us to react that way, and that period of my life was traumatizing. I am writing this because I regret taking it down and I want to say that I still stand by what I said.

- Bebe Rexha

As the drama unfolds, Rexha did not provide any more details about the rift, and G-Eazy has yet to respond to her accusations.