Benzino Says Daughter Coi Leray Shouldn’t Be Mad Over His Defense of R. Kelly When She Lost Her Virginity at 14.

Benzino Responds to Coi Leray's Backlash on R. Kelly Comments, Mentions Her Virginity Loss at 14

Benzino Critiques Coi Leray's Reaction to R. Kelly Comments
In a recent podcast appearance, Benzino, co-founder of The Source, delved into the controversy sparked by his defense of R. Kelly and his daughter Coi Leray's subsequent disapproval. 

However, he's not shying away from highlighting what he sees as a contradiction in her stance.

During his interview on the Famous & Wealthy podcast, Benzino addressed Coi Leray's response to his defense of R. Kelly, which resulted in her distancing herself from him. 

He specifically referenced an earlier interview where Coi revealed losing her virginity at 14 on the My Expert Opinion podcast with Math Hoffa.

Benzino expressed bewilderment at the seeming inconsistency in Coi's condemnation of his R. Kelly comments while openly discussing her own experiences. 

He noted that while he respects Coi's autonomy as an adult, her disapproval of his views on R. Kelly contradicts her own openness about her past.

She made a comment about the R. Kelly situation and said that she doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Because of the R. Kelly thing. And I'm saying -– but then, right? Four months ago, she's on the Math Hoffa show. And Math Hoffa -– which I thought, you know, was a kind of crazy question. But hey... Like she said, she's grown, you know what I'm saying? She's of age, I don't think they're grown sometimes. But anyways, alright, alright. But he asked her, 'Hey, when did you lose your virginity?' She said at 14. Now first, right, I didn't know, you know what I'm saying? Right, so I'm like... So here you are condemning me for saying what I'm saying, which is a grown folks' conversation. Which I never mentioned you. Which, really, you shouldn't have even really involved yourself because this was a conversation that I'm having. But since you did involve yourself, which is what you do, alright? How can you say that when you just said that you lost your virginity at 14? So is the guy that you lost your virginity at 14 [to], is he a ped*phile?

- Benzino

Benzino Addresses Coi Leray's Disapproval of R. Kelly Support, Raises Issue of Her Early Virginity Loss

Benzino emphasized that his defense of R. Kelly was part of a broader conversation and not directed at Coi Leray personally, he believes her involvement warrants scrutiny of her own statements. 

He urged Coi to provide clarity on her perspective and address the apparent disparity in her position.

Navigating such sensitive topics requires mature and nuanced discussions, Benzino stressed. 

He underscored the importance of open communication and understanding within familial relationships, even when confronted with disagreements.

Benzino's reflections on Coi Leray's reaction to his defense of R. Kelly underscore the complexity of family dynamics and the challenges of addressing contentious issues. 

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Coi Leray will respond to her father's concerns and whether their relationship will withstand this controversy.

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