Cassie Allegedly Punched Diddy During Heated Altercation, Claims Ex-Bodyguard

Former Bodyguard Alleges Cassie Hit Diddy During Fiery Dispute

Ex-Bodyguard Reveals Violent Altercation Between Diddy and Cassie

The wave of disturbing allegations against Diddy continues to grow, particularly surrounding his volatile relationship with ex-girlfriend Cassie

In November, Cassie sued the hip-hop mogul, accusing him of s*xual ass*ult and abuse, among other charges. 

Although the lawsuit was swiftly settled, the controversy flared up again when a video emerged last month, showing Diddy allegedly ass*ulting Cassie in a hotel back in 2016. 

This footage seemed to validate some of Cassie's claims, inciting outrage among fans and fellow artists alike.

As Diddy grapples with the backlash from these accusations, more alarming claims are surfacing. Former employees, collaborators, and associates are beginning to speak out. 

Among the most startling revelations comes from Roger Bonds, Diddy's former bodyguard, who recently opened up in an interview with VladTV.

Bonds shared details of a particularly intense confrontation between Diddy and Cassie. 

According to Bonds, the incident occurred during a car ride, where a heated argument escalated into a physical altercation. 

Bonds recounted that Cassie eventually stood up for herself by allegedly punching Diddy in the face.

Cassie had punched him in the face, rightfully. She punched him in the face and they started fighting In my mind, I was happy because I actually seen her fight back.

- Ex-Bodyguard Roger Bonds

The tension didn't subside once they returned home. Bonds claimed that the conflict intensified, with Cassie allegedly kicking Diddy. 

He described stepping in to restrain Diddy, who was reportedly trying to chase after Cassie.

She kicked him, and he tried to chase her. I had to grab him.

- Ex-Bodyguard Roger Bonds

Watch: Ex-Bodyguard Reveals Cassie Once Punched Diddy in Intense Brawl

These new allegations add to the growing list of serious accusations against the Bad Boy Records founder, casting a darker shadow over his public image. 

As more individuals come forward with their stories, the scrutiny on Diddy intensifies, challenging his reputation in the music industry.

Bonds' account, along with others, highlights the gravity of the situation Diddy faces. 

As he navigates the legal battles and public relations crises ahead, these revelations from his past continue to dominate the narrative, keeping him in an unflattering spotlight.