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Watch: DJ Akademiks Thinks Drake and Kendrick's Feud Will Revolve Around 2Pac’s Ring

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On June 20 at 9:53 pm, DJ Akademiks was streaming on Rumble, scrolling through his feed, and chatting with viewers. 

During his stream, he noticed a video posted on our Instagram page (@WhatsOnRap) about Kendrick Lamar's performance at The Pop Out: Ken & Friends Concert. 

Specifically, the video featured Kendrick changing the lyrics on "Euphoria" while performing live and dissing Drake with the line: Give me Tupac’s ring back and I might give you a little respect.”

Akademiks laughed as he read some of the comments on our Instagram post. He remarked on one comment in particular, saying:

I seen some people in the comments is like yo wait how the hell you asking for a ring back from a n*gga who d*ed like n*gga how you asking for a ring back you never had.

- Akademiks

As Akademiks continued atching and interacting with the chat, Akademiks shared his belief that the ongoing back and forth between Drake and Kendrick is still continuing and is likely to center around 2Pac’s ring.

I think that the back and forth of Drake and Kendrick that I believe will still continue is gonna be centered around this ring.

- Akademiks

Watch: DJ Akademiks Sees 2Pac’s Ring as the Next Flashpoint in Drake and Kendrick’s Feud

Meanwhile, in a significant move last August, Drake purchased Tupac's legendary crown ring for a staggering $1.02 million.

Drake Flaunts $1.02 Million Crown Ring Originally Owned by 2Pac After Winning Auction:
Drake Bought Tupac Shakur's Crown Ring

This acquisition not only bolstered Drake's already extensive jewelry collection but also underscored a profound tribute to Tupac Shakur's enduring influence on hip-hop culture. 

Beyond being a symbol of opulence, the ring represents a poignant connection to Tupac's legacy, commemorating his engagement to Kidada Jones with the inscription "Pac & Dada 1996."

Drake's display of the ring in public not only celebrates hip-hop's rich history but also solidifies his role as a custodian of its most cherished artifacts. 

It reinforces his stature as both a trendsetter and a guardian of the genre's heritage, emphasizing his commitment to honoring the icons who paved the way. 

As Drake continues to innovate in music and fashion, Tupac's ring stands as a timeless emblem of artistic influence and cultural resonance, bridging generations of hip-hop aficionados worldwide.