Ghostface Killah Shares Jay-Z's Reminder About Wu-Tang Clan's $500 Debt

Ghostface Killah Talks Jay-Z's $500 Debt Reminder to Wu-Tang Clan

Ghostface Killah Shares Hilarious Story of JAY-Z Reminding Wu-Tang About Unpaid $500 Debt

In a recent episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Ghostface Killah joined hosts Gillie Da Kid and Wallace Peeples for an entertaining discussion that delved into his storied relationship with JAY-Z

Among the many anecdotes shared, one particularly amusing story stood out: the time JAY-Z reminded Wu-Tang Clan about an unpaid $500 debt. 

Jay-Z Reminds Wu-Tang Clan of $500 Debt, Ghostface Killah Reveals:


Ghostface began the tale by recalling a past show where JAY-Z was set to perform with Wu-Tang Clan. 

“One time, RZA and [GZA] were telling me that Hov was on the list with us to do a show or whatever. We gave him some time.”

Ghostface said, detailing the events that unfolded. 

“Long story short, n***as ain’t pay him the money.”

He continued with a chuckle:

“You know how Hov is. He wait. A few years down the line, and bring it up to one of the n***as. Like, ‘Yeah, remember that time you ain’t really pay me?’”

The hosts and Ghostface burst into laughter, appreciating the humor in how JAY-Z, now a billionaire, never forgot the small debt. 

“This n***a over here a billionaire now.”

Ghostface remarked. He fondly referred to JAY-Z at that time as the “fresh Hov” who was just “getting his feet wet.”

This lighthearted story is a testament to the humble beginnings and shared experiences of these hip-hop icons. 

JAY-Z, who has since become a mogul in the music industry, still remembered the small unpaid fee from his early days. 

This anecdote underscores the journey from the gritty start of their careers to their current legendary statuses. 

Ghostface Killah’s recollections also highlight the camaraderie and mutual respect that exist within the hip-hop community. 

Despite the financial oversight, the relationship between JAY-Z and Wu-Tang Clan remained strong, built on shared struggles and successes.

This story provides a glimpse into the early days of hip-hop, where artists hustled for every opportunity, and memories of those times remained vivid even after achieving immense success. 

Furthermore, the conversation delved into the evolution of JAY-Z’s career. From owing $500 to becoming a billionaire, his journey is an inspiring testament to hard work, talent, and perseverance. 

Ghostface’s narrative adds a personal touch to JAY-Z’s rise, reminding fans of the raw and real beginnings of their favorite artists.