Ice Spice's Manager Reveals How She Owns Her Masters and Publishing: 'Thank God she listened'

Ice Spice's Manager Explains Rapper's Full Ownership of Masters and Publishing

Ice Spice Secures Masters and Publishing Rights: Manager Explains Strategy

Ice Spice has successfully maintained ownership of her masters and publishing rights, largely thanks to her strategic partnership with her manager, James Rosemond Jr.

In an interview with Billboard, Rosemond Jr. delved into the Bronx rapper’s rapid ascent to fame, starting with her breakout hit "Munch."

Ice Spice's Manager on the Rapper's Ownership of Her Masters:

He emphasized the importance of providing Ice Spice with comprehensive knowledge about the music industry and the significance of maintaining ownership.
It was really about giving her all the right information, Like, this is where the market is going. It’s about independence. It’s about retaining ownership; about intellectual property and generational wealth. That sometimes there are sacrifices—that people may be dangling money. But if you want a certain type of deal, you have to be patient as we do the work to have leverage.

- James Rosemond Jr

He further explained:
That was the conversation early on. And thank God she listened and was able to hold out while we kept running up the numbers on ‘Munch.’ Then it became, ‘Let’s entertain these deals’ and, as I said earlier, begin to shape one in a creative way.

- James Rosemond Jr

Thanks to these early strategic moves, the 24-year-old artist retains control over her masters and publishing rights, while still receiving upfront money akin to traditional work-for-hire agreements. 

“It’s a unique hybrid deal,” Rosemond Jr. elaborated. “It’s the result of hard work, patience, and the ability to create leverage.”
Rosemond has been managing Ice Spice through his Miami-based company, Mastermind Artists, since March 2022. 

His management roster also includes her frequent collaborator and producer RIOTUSA, as well as DJ-producer Diablo.

This innovative approach to artist management and deal structuring has positioned Ice Spice as a model of modern music industry success, blending artistic control with financial stability. 

Her ability to navigate the complexities of the music business while retaining ownership rights sets her apart in an industry where such arrangements are rare.

Ice Spice’s journey, underscored by her hit tracks and savvy business decisions, illustrates the potential for artists to achieve both creative freedom and commercial success. 

Her story serves as an inspiration to up-and-coming artists about the importance of knowledge, patience, and strategic planning in building a sustainable music career.