Metro Boomin's Sister Calls Him Out for Addressing Drake but Not Responding to Soulja Boy's Insults About Their Late Mother

Metro Boomin’s Sister Calls Him Out for Not Responding to Soulja Boy's Comments About Their Late Mother
Metro Boomin's Sister Calls Him Out for Ignoring Soulja Boy's Insults About Their Late Mother
Metro Boomin' Sister Bashes Him For Dissing Drake But Not Soulja Boy

Metro Boomin' Sister Calls Him Out for Addressing Drake but Not Responding to Soulja Boy's Insults About Their Late Mother

Leah, Metro Boomin’s sister, has publicly criticized him for addressing Drake's diss but staying silent on Soulja Boy's offensive remarks about their late mother.

Leah took to social media to express her disappointment in how Metro handled the situation, highlighting that while he had a strong reaction to Drake, he remained silent in response to Soulja Boy's offensive comments.

Recently, Drake took a shot at Metro Boomin in his diss track "Push Ups," rapping, "Metro shut your h** a** up and make some drums."

In response, Metro dropped the "BBL Drizzy" beat, encouraging fans to freestyle over it as a way to clap back at Drake.

However, when Soulja Boy accused Metro of sacrificing his mother, Leslie Wayne, who was tragically murdered in June 2022 by her spouse in a murder-suicide, Metro did not respond.

Soulja Boy even mocked Metro by wishing him a Happy Mother's Day, further adding insult to injury. 

Despite these severe allegations, Metro chose to stay silent, even after Soulja Boy issued an apology.

Leah's frustration was palpable as she voiced her concerns on social media, criticizing Metro's lack of response to the deeply personal attack.

This n***a Soulja Boy say he sacrificed our mama and what this b***h say? Not a muthaf**kin’ thing. This n***a went quiet. This n***a didn’t say nothing," she said in a video.

- Leah

During the feud, 21 Savage stepped in to defend Metro, issuing a stern warning to Soulja Boy, saying, "You gone sh** on yourself when I see you, boy." 

The altercation began when old tweets of Metro seemingly dissing Soulja Boy resurfaced, leading to Soulja Boy's public outburst. 

Throughout the drama, Metro maintained his silence, which Leah believes was the wrong approach.

So that’s something you allowing people to think about you? But you get out your body when a n***a call you a ‘h**’ and tell you to make some drums? That sh** bothers you? But when a n***a speaking on your mama, your b***h a** don’t say nothing?

- Leah

Metro Boomin’s Sister Upset Over His Silence on Soulja Boy's Insults About Their Mother:

Metro Boomin has yet to respond publicly to Leah’s comments, leaving fans to wonder about his perspective on the issue. 

Leah’s public call-out highlights the tension between the siblings and raises questions about how personal attacks should be handled within the rap community. 

This situation underscores the complexities of dealing with family, public image, and personal grievances in the high-stakes world of hip-hop.

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