Nick Young Reveals The Game's Prison-Style Play, Remembers Rapper Hitting Off-Duty Cop

Nick Young Says The Game's Basketball Is Jailhouse Tough, Recalls Shocking Cop Punch

Nick Young Recounts The Game's Aggressive Court Style and Cop Punch Incident

Nick Young, known for his NBA tenure and versatile play, has had a fascinating career. While he moved around the league, he had the privilege of playing alongside legends like Kobe Bryant on the Los Angeles Lakers. 

His time in L.A. offered him a front-row seat to numerous memorable moments, especially during intense pick-up basketball games.

Recently, Young appeared on VladTV, sharing anecdotes from his basketball adventures. When asked to compare Chris Brown and The Game in terms of basketball skills, Young favored Brown. 

He explained that The Game relies heavily on his physicality, often using his size to dominate the court. This discussion opened the door to some vivid stories about The Game's aggressive style of play.

Nick Young detailed how playing with The Game felt like playing "jail ball." He recounted how The Game would often try to intimidate younger players, making it tough for them to call fouls.

The Game play just like somebody in jail; Like jail ball...he used to try and punk us too, 'cause we were younger and stuff, so when we played with him we couldn't call fouls. We wasn't getting any fouls, if he call a foul, he still get it. Any loose ball, any call he getting, he's trying to fight people.

- Nick Young

Nick Young Describes The Game's Jailhouse Basketball Style, Recounts Cop Punch Incident

One incident that stands out in Young's memory involves The Game punching an off-duty cop during a game. 

This altercation happened about a decade ago and resulted in The Game taking a plea deal that placed him on probation. 

Reflecting on this, Young noted that The Game admitted on an old clip that jail time might have been easier than enduring the terms of his probation.

The Game's fierce competitiveness on the court is evident, whether he's up against NBA stars or everyday players. 

His intense approach is something teammates often appreciate, as it brings a high level of energy and commitment to the game. 

Young's stories highlight not just The Game's basketball prowess but also his unyielding, street-hardened persona.

This glimpse into Nick Young's experiences underscores the unique intersection of basketball and hip-hop culture. 

Players like The Game bring an element of street credibility and raw intensity to the sport, blurring the lines between professional athletes and music industry icons.

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