Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Reveal Their Greatest Rappers of All Time

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith Share Their Picks for GOAT Rappers

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Reveal Their Greatest Rappers of All Time

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are enjoying a renaissance. Decades after their television heyday, they’ve solidified their status as blockbuster movie stars. 

Their latest film, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, has dominated the box office, thanks in part to their energetic promo tour. 

They’ve been sharing stories about their enduring friendship and the success of their iconic franchise. 

Amidst all the buzz, fans were eager to hear their take on a burning question: Who is the greatest rapper of all time?

Will Smith Struggles to Choose His GOAT Rapper, While Martin Lawrence Reveals His Top Pick:

The duo recently appeared on the YouTube series GOAT Talk to discuss their thoughts on various GOAT topics. 

With their deep roots in hip-hop culture, it was inevitable that they would be asked about their top picks for the GOAT rapper. Their responses were both personal and insightful.

Martin Lawrence chose a close friend and a fellow icon in the rap industry. Lawrence declared:

For me, it’s Snoop Dogg, Snoop’s always been there for me. He’s done my show and he’s always been amazing. Plus, he’s a good friend.

- Martin Lawrence

Lawrence and Snoop Dogg’s camaraderie dates back to their appearance together in the 2019 film The Beach Bum and Snoop’s cameo on a 1994 episode of Martin.

Will Smith’s answer added an intriguing layer to the conversation. As a Grammy-winning rapper himself, he’s a significant figure in hip-hop history. 

However, Smith didn’t nominate himself for the GOAT title. Instead, he went old school with his choices, but he couldn’t stop there. He also gave props to two other legends

In terms of changing the game, it’s Rakim. Melle Mel and Grandmaster Caz. They were crucial in shaping my love for hip-hop.

- Will Smith

The mention of Grandmaster Caz was particularly timely, as Smith had recently met him during a radio interview.

The exchange highlighted the profound impact of these rap pioneers on Smith’s career and the hip-hop genre at large. Both Lawrence and Smith’s choices reflect their deep respect for the art form and its history.

Their discussion on GOAT Talk not only entertained but also offered a nostalgic look at the influential figures who shaped hip-hop. 

As they continue to dominate the entertainment industry, Smith and Lawrence’s reflections on their musical influences underscore the lasting legacy of these hip-hop trailblazers.