Fan Replaces Drake Tattoo with a "BBL Drizzy" Kendrick Lamar Portrait

Watch: Fan Covers Drake Tattoo With Kendrick Lamar's Face

Fan Replaces Drake Tattoo with Kendrick Lamar's Portrait, Igniting Online Reactions

The Drake versus Kendrick Lamar beef has taken some surprising turns, but the most astonishing aspect is how one-sided it has become. 

However, as the feud progressed, it became evident to many that Kendrick was gaining the upper hand. 

Despite this, some die-hard Drake supporters still believe he is the victor and accuse Kendrick of overhyping "Not Like Us."

The anticipation for the "Not Like Us" music video was immense, even among Drake's supporters. 

When it finally dropped, it exceeded expectations with its intricate layers and references to past Drake disses. 

The video quickly amassed 26.1 million views, further cementing Kendrick's dominance in this feud. One particular fan’s drastic change of allegiance exemplifies Kendrick’s impact. 

This fan covered an old Drake tattoo with a portrait of Kendrick, signaling a significant shift in loyalty.

The video clip that surfaced online shows the fan replacing a poorly executed "In My Feelings" tattoo on his leg. 

In its place, he chose a striking image of Kendrick Lamar wearing a diamond crown of thorns, accompanied by the words "BBL Drizzy." 

The transformation was remarkable, but it sparked a wave of online roasting from both Drake and Kendrick fans.

Drake Loses Fan to Kendrick Lamar in Tattoo Swap:

The internet has been abuzz with reactions to this fan's bold move. While some commend his decision to upgrade his ink, others see it as a symbol of betrayal. 

Regardless, the new tattoo has sparked conversations about the influence of both rappers and how their beef has captivated the hip-hop community.

The Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar beef has been anything but quiet, with fans taking drastic steps to show their allegiance. 

The story of the fan who covered his Drake tattoo with Kendrick's portrait encapsulates the intensity and passion surrounding this rivalry. 

As both artists continue to push the boundaries of their music, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this ongoing saga, wondering who will ultimately reign supreme in the world of hip-hop.