Skilla Baby Claims Eminem Isn't Detroit's Greatest Rapper: ''Nobody in Detroit Is Playing Eminem''

Skilla Baby: Detroit Rappers Don't Consider Eminem the Best

Skilla Baby Challenges Eminem's Detroit Rap Crown in Keke Palmer Podcast

Eminem might be a global rap icon, but according to Detroit's own Skilla Baby, he's not considered the best rapper in the city. 

During an appearance on the "Baby, This is Keke Palmer" podcast, Skilla sparked a lively discussion about Detroit's top rappers.

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Skilla Baby shared his thoughts when asked who he thinks holds the title of the best rapper from the Motor City. Skilla admitted:

“Numbers wise, Eminem is the best Detroit rapper but the gag is nobody would say that in Detroit.”

Host Keke Palmer was taken aback by his candidness and pressed him further about who the city regards as its leading rap talents. Skilla explained:

"Everybody had a turn being Detroit’s favorite rapper. Sada Baby had a turn, Tee Grizzley had a turn, Babyface Ray had a turn, Veeze is one of Detroit’s best rappers, Baby Smoove. Everybody had their turn being the best in the city. What we lack is consistency. Nobody has consistently been Detroit’s favorite rapper."

He also highlighted influential groups like Team Eastside and Doughboyz Cashout, noting that despite Eminem's colossal record sales, he's not frequently played on the streets of Detroit. "People here aren’t really listening to Eminem these days," Skilla asserted.

Eminem Not Detroit's Best Rapper, Says Skilla Baby:

Reflecting on his personal experiences, Skilla added:

"Nobody in Detroit is playing Eminem right now and I was an Eminem fan as a kid. I’m a fan of Eminem but do we consider him our best rapper? I don’t think Detroit does."

Following his podcast appearance, Skilla took to Instagram to expand on his comments.

"No shade to anybody names I left off Detroit is full of great rappers and I can’t forget Kash Doll, Big Sean and Dej [Loaf] of course."

At 25, Skilla left out several notable Detroit figures, including Royce Da 5'9", Boldy James, 42 Dugg, BabyTron, Danny Brown, and Icewear Vezzo. 

His candid reflections on Eminem highlight a disconnect some feel between the superstar and the city's current rap scene.

Skilla’s comments shine a light on the evolving nature of Detroit's rap landscape, where numerous artists rise to prominence, each bringing a unique voice and influence. 

While Eminem’s legacy is undeniable, the city’s rap crown is worn by many, reflecting its rich and dynamic hip-hop culture.