Kanye West Says He's Not Really Retiring from Music after Telling Rich The Kid He's 'Retiring from Professional Music'

Is Kanye West Retiring From Music? The Full Story Unveiled

Kanye West Reveals Retirement Plans, Music Industry Reacts

Kanye West, known as Ye, has dropped a bombshell, announcing his retirement from his music career. During a conversation with Rich The Kid, Ye revealed his surprising decision, saying:

"I am retiring from professional music... Not sure what else to do."

Rich The Kid was taken aback by Ye’s statement:

“Retire? Why? How? The people NEED you. The music you & Ty & we have made was the BIGGEST STAMP in culture to this date”

Rich The Kid emphasized the impact Ye's music has had and expressed his disappointment over the news.

Ye says he is retiring from music in a text message exchange with Rich The Kid

In another message, Rich The Kid urged Ye to reconsider, saying, "In 2024, drop Ye about mine & V2, and we do it all over again. The kids need you, big bro, for sure. Maybe some time to chill, but retiring ain’t it.” 

It's clear that Rich The Kid and other artists believe Ye still has much to contribute to the music industry.

Kanye West Says He's Not Actually Retiring From Music:

Whether Kanye will follow through on his retirement remains uncertain. Known for his unpredictable nature, it's possible he might change his mind. 

His fellow artists and fans certainly hope so, as they don't want to see the legendary rapper and producer step away from the scene. For now, Ye's retirement announcement leaves everyone in suspense, waiting to see if he will indeed hang up his mic or surprise the world with new music once again.