Kendrick Lamar teases a snippet of a new song at the beginning of the "Not Like Us" video

Kendrick Lamar previewed a new song at the beginning of the Highly-Anticipated “Not Like Us “ video

Kendrick Lamar Drops "Not Like Us" Music Video with Sneak Peek of New Verse

In a highly anticipated move, Kendrick Lamar has unveiled the music video for his smash hit "Not Like Us," stirring up both excitement and intrigue among fans and critics alike. 

Released on Thursday, July 4, the video not only showcases the track's production prowess by Mustard but also treats listeners to a sneak peek of a new Kendrick Lamar verse within the first 20 seconds.

"reincarnated, imma a stargazer, life goes on I need all my babies. Woke up lookin for the broccoli. Highkey, keep a horn on me, that Kamasi, I.P. the ownership, the blueprint is by me, Mr. Get Off, I get off at my feet"

Kendrick Lamar Teases New Music In 'Not Like Us' Video:

Lamar spits, offering a tantalizing glimpse into his evolving lyrical prowess. 

The track's thematic depth and sharp delivery underscore Kendrick's knack for blending introspective musings with hard-hitting beats, a trademark that has solidified his place in hip-hop's upper echelon.

Throughout the visuals, references to Lamar's storied beef with Drake are unmistakable, from the symbolic owl-shaped piñata he obliterates to the poignant scene where he confronts a caged owl, closing the chapter on past conflicts. 

Beyond these compelling narratives, the video also pays homage to Kendrick's roots, highlighting the vibrant cultural tapestry of Compton. 

Iconic figures like Tommy The Clown and his dancers bring the artist's lyrical vignettes to vivid life, while scenes at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at Compton City Hall resonate with local pride and historical significance.

As co-founder of pgLang, Kendrick Lamar continues to push artistic boundaries, blending social commentary with lyrical finesse. 

The "Not Like Us" video not only serves as a visual feast but also as a testament to Kendrick's ability to command attention and spark dialogue through his music. 

With each frame meticulously crafted under the direction of Dave Free and Kendrick himself, the video stands as a testament to Kendrick's meticulous attention to detail and artistic vision.