Rick Ross Attacked by OVO Goons After Playing Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us" at Canada Show

Rick Ross Attacked by OVO Goons in Canada, After Playing Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Track "Not Like Us"

Rick Ross Attacked by OVO Members After Playing Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Track in Canada

Rick Ross’s ongoing feud with Drake has escalated to a new level, resulting in a physical altercation in Canada.

The incident took place at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver on Sunday (June 30), where Rozay was performing. 

During his set, he played Kendrick Lamar’s diss track "Not Like Us," which includes controversial accusations against Drake.

As the track played in the background, Ross exited the stage and was immediately confronted by a group of men, presumably upset about the track being played on Drake’s turf. 

The tension quickly escalated, leading to a verbal exchange between the parties.

One member of the group, allegedly part of the OVO crew, sucker-punched Rick Ross in the face, sparking an all-out brawl that lasted several minutes. 

Although Ross managed to avoid much of the physical confrontation after the initial hit, his entourage wasn’t as fortunate. 

Several members of his team were overpowered and left on the ground by the end of the altercation.

Rick Ross's Canadian Show Turns Violent as OVO Goons Attack Over Kendrick Lamar Diss:

The OVO crew appeared victorious in the skirmish, with multiple individuals from Ross’s entourage beaten and incapacitated. One member of Rick Ross’s team was knocked unconscious and had to be carried off the scene.

This incident underscores the intense rivalry between the camps of Rick Ross and Drake, which has now moved beyond music and social media into physical confrontations. 

Ross’s decision to play Kendrick Lamar's provocative track in Drake’s backyard clearly struck a nerve, resulting in a dramatic and violent response. 

As news of the altercation spreads, fans and the hip-hop community are left wondering about the implications for both artists moving forward. 

The confrontation at the Ignite Music Festival highlights the volatility and passion inherent in hip-hop rivalries, reminding everyone that these disputes can have real-world consequences. 

Rick Ross and his team have yet to make an official statement regarding the incident, while Drake’s camp has remained similarly silent. 

The fallout from this clash will likely be closely monitored by fans and media alike, as it could signify a new chapter in the ongoing feud between these high-profile artists.