Safaree Calls Nicki Minaj’s Relationship with Meek Mill a ‘Dark Time’ in His Life

Safaree Reflects on Tough Times After Nicki Minaj Started Dating Meek Mill

Safaree Reflects on 'Dark Time' After Nicki Minaj's Relationship with Meek Mill

On Tuesday (July 9), the We in Miami Podcast released a preview of their upcoming interview with Safaree Samuels

In the clip, Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend opens up about the challenging period following their breakup in 2014.

"I'm not even gonna sugarcoat sh*t. I was with Nicki, we broke up. Her fans and certain people they just wanted it to be like, 'OK they not together no more. F**k him, let it be nothing, Let him disintegrate, let him disappear, whatever. But nine, 10 years later—10, 15 TV shows later. Lot of music out later. Doors up later—I'm still here. Some people don't like that. They're like, 'Damn, why are ni**as still paying attention to this ni**a?"

Safaree On How Nicki Minaj's Romance with Meek Mill Affected Him:

Safaree candidly described the post-breakup years as dark and difficult:

"When me and Nicki first broke up and she got with Meek and they were like the biggest in the world and we was all beefing and sh*t. You gotta think about I had two of the biggest people in the world against me. That meant everybody would be against me. So nobody wanted to be next to me. Nobody wanted to work with me or none of that sh*t. So it just made everything hard and that sh*t that was a dark time for me."

Safaree and Nicki Minaj were together from 2000 to 2014. After their breakup, Nicki started dating Meek Mill, and their relationship lasted until 2017. 

The period was marked by tension and conflict between Safaree and Meek.

In March 2017, Safaree claimed that Nicki and Meek began their relationship before his breakup with Nicki. 

Later that year, Safaree alleged that members of Meek's Dreamchasers entourage attacked him outside a DJ Khaled-hosted party in West Hollywood. Video footage of the incident showed Safaree being assaulted while Meek exited a nearby vehicle. 

Despite these confrontations, Safaree declared in 2018 that the beef was over.

Safaree’s revelations shed light on the emotional and professional struggles he faced after his high-profile split from Nicki Minaj. 

His resilience and ability to remain relevant in the industry despite these challenges are a testament to his determination and adaptability. 

The upcoming interview promises to delve deeper into these experiences and offer more insights into Safaree's journey and growth over the years.