Young Dolph's Autopsy Revealed That He Was Gun Shooted 22 Times

ADOLPH ROBERT THORNTON JR, known as YOUNG DOLPH was killed while he was buying some cookies for his mom. He was shot 22 times in many places in his body as the autopsy report moonshine, he was shot in his left chest, left abdomen, right chin, right neck, right shoulder, both arms, and many times in his back. This gunshot has ended this famous rapper's life at a MEMPHIS bakery last NOVEMBER. RITA MYERS, YOUNG DOLPH's aunt said on TUESDAY that she was waiting for the report to come out and see it by herself, she said: " It is difficult to process. This takes us through it all again. We are going through a whole lot right now, and this adds to it, ". The week that YOUNG DOLPH was murdered in JANUARY, when the suspects were publicly identified, MYRES said that her family was still reeling: " Our family has suffered a tremendous loss because he has the glue that held our family together ".

YOUNG DOLPH's assassination brazen daylight unfolded in NOVEMBER17,2021 when two gunmen were traveling in MERCEDES-BENZ which was stolen, they ambushed the rapper YOUNG DOLPH while he was buying cookies for his mom in his hometown. The police revealed the suspects, JUSTIN JOHNSON 23, and CORNELIUS SMITH 32, the both of them were pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges through a lawyer defense in the SHELBY COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT in the last month. 

The police also revealed two more persons of interest in YOUNG DOLPH's homicide investigation, police have named these two who are, DEVIN BURNS and JOSHUA TAYLOR, police mentioned that there were photos including a full description of the suspects, Burn was described as a black male,26 and Taylor was the same as well. The two others, JOUSTING JOHNSON and CORNELIUS SMITH, who are previously charged with fatally shooting rapper YOUNG DOLPH outside a TENNESSEE cookie shop, they were pleaded as not guilty to first-degree murder and other felony charges. 

On NOVEMBER 17 the police responded to the shooting at MAKEDA's HOMEMADE COOKIES located at 2370 Airways Blvd, in MEMPHIS, it is where they found the rapper YOUNG DOLPH with multiple gunshots that we have known after that they were 22 shots. The rapper did not survive his injuries and he died. 

MEMPHIS mayor JIM STRICKLAND TWEETED in a post: " The tragic shooting death of rap artist YOUNG DOLPH serves as another reminder of the pain that violent crime brings with it " he adds " My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. " 

YOUNG DOLPH was raised in a family where his old brother learned early to be self-sufficient, his parents were addicted to crack, and his options for making money and becoming something were very limited, especially in his neighborhood racked by violence and poverty. He said once in one interview: " We were in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, seeing this living hell, I have just always wanted the money. I told my grandma a long time ago that I was going back to take my mom and dad out the hood. I was a little boy saying that s***t. I ain't never really had no dad, just the streets ways and I'm giving people games that their dad was supposed to be giving them, on these tapes and lyrics. My whole thing is about giving these folks the real. " 

YOUNG DOLPH was born in CHICAGO but he moved to MEMPHIS as a toddler with his parents. He has notoriety with the mixtape Paper Route Campaign in 2008, later in 2016 with his debut album KING OF MEMPHIS, and also his collaboration with MEGAN THE STALLION and GUCCI MANE. This famous rapper who has 36 years old was known for giving back to his community, also he was working with up and coming local talent through his own independent labels known as PAPER ROUTE EMPIRE or just PRE which is good for local and up and coming rappers. The rapper YOUNG DOLPH had three albums reach the very top 10 on the billboard 200. 

DOLPH started to do freestyling as a teenager with his friend, he began releasing mixtapes in 2008 IT CAN BE A SPOT, I CAN BE IN THE TRAP, IT CAN BE IN GTHE CAR DRIVING, WE JUST F****G AROUND. He stayed once that he built a reputation as a confident rapper hungry for success. He said: " I'd rather motivate somebody all day long, to me that is timeless music. 

Some famous rappers and singers showed love to him after his tragic death like CHANCE THE RAPPER, he wrote in his TWEETER account: God bless DOLPH real independent Memphis rapper born in CHICAGO. Loved by millions of Always showed love every time I saw him this is tragic god bless his family man. Also, TINA SNOW wrote: I am so sick rn I am in disbelief praying for his family and friends rest in peace to my friend a true legend DOLPH. 

He mentioned before something about death where he said: " I have been targeted since I was 17?18?19, I just know that I was good, I was not a person that lives in fear, you got some people who really worry about that kind of s***t. I don't."