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Will.i.am recalls hilarious moment with 2Pac and Apl.de.ap's girlfriend.

During a recent podcast chat with DJ Whoo Kid, the multitalented songwriter and producer was asked if he had any intriguing or unusual stories to share about either 2Pac or Biggie

Although will.i.am admitted to never meeting Biggie, he eagerly recounted a truly comical incident involving apl.de.ap and 2Pac. Brace yourself for a tale that will undoubtedly leave you chuckling!

At the beginning of the interview, will.i.am made it clear that he had never personally interacted with 2Pac

However, he proceeded to regale us with apl.de.ap's memorable experience. As part of the Black Eyed Peas, apl.de.ap had a girlfriend at the time, whom he affectionately kept anonymous to avoid any unnecessary spotlight. One fine day, they were enjoying a delectable meal at the renowned Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles establishment. It's worth noting that his girlfriend was an absolute stunner a beautiful Puerto Rican young lady, capturing hearts since their younger days together. 

"I never had any interaction with 2Pac," will.i.am. said toward the top of the interview. "But apl.de.ap in the Black Eyed Peas, he had this girlfriend—I don’t wanna name her name or put on her blast—and they were eating at freakin' Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. She was hot, bro. Like, she was a beautiful Puerto Rican young girl when we were kids." 

Little did they know that the universe had a playful twist in store for them. Coincidentally, 2Pac happened to be dining at the same spot. What ensued was a mixture of slight disappointment and complete understanding on the part of will.i.am's collaborative partner, apl.de.ap.

With a mischievous yet harmless hand gesture, 2Pac signaled something to apl.de.ap's girlfriend. Instantly, she was caught off guard and exclaimed, "2Pac did like this [hand gesture] and she was like, 'Oh my gosh, I’ll be right back,'" he recalled. "And then apl.de.ap was, like, 30 minutes later—[the] chicken and waffles got all cold, freakin' syrup got all freakin' stiff, butter’s gotten freakin' liquidy. And he’s like, 'She ain’t coming back.'"

With a sense of anticipation, apl.de.ap waited patiently, expecting her return momentarily. However, as the minutes ticked by 30 minutes to be precise the chicken and waffles on their plates turned cold, the syrup thickened into an almost solid state, and the once luscious butter melted into a runny mess. Alas, she never returned.

In other captivating parts of the interview, will.i.am reflecting on the early days of touring alongside the talented Macy Gray. He shared invaluable insights into the art of attracting "other frequencies" and the profound lessons he has learned throughout his artistic journey. It's remarkable how experiences on the road can shape and transform an artist's perspective.

Meanwhile, a different facet of 2Pac's life recently made headlines. Billy Garland, 2Pac's biological father, emerged into the spotlight with thought-provoking comments regarding his late son's poignant track, "Dear Mama." In the song's second verse, 2Pac refers to Garland as a "coward," a term that initially stirred emotions within him.

Upon discovering the truth—that he had been deceived—Garland's perspective shifted entirely. He came to understand the underlying meaning and intention behind "Dear Mama" and embraced it wholeheartedly. The song suddenly made perfect sense to him, resonating deeply within his soul. It was an emotional journey of acceptance and comprehension that he embraced with open arms.

In this enthralling interview, will.i.am and Billy Garland have shared remarkable anecdotes that highlight the complexities and human aspects of their relationships with 2Pac. These narratives serve as a reminder that even the most iconic figures are entwined in a web of personal connections, humorous encounters, and emotional discoveries.

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