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Eminem is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and also actor.  Eminem's nickname is SLIM SHADY

Eminem was born in SAINT JOSEPH, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, he was born on 17,1972, OCTOBER, and is 49 of age.  Eminem is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and also actor.  Eminem's nickname is SLIM SHADY, he is also known as MARSHALL BRUCE MATHERS III

Eminem is known as one of the greatest and most influential artists and rappers of all time. he was labeled by ROLLING STON as the KING OF HIP-HOP, he was listed too by Rolling Stone in its list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. At a very young age, Eminem showed interest and became passionate about rapping, at age of 14 he began attending local open-mic competitions with his friends. 

By the time Eminem has grow up and started to form a group of rappers called at that time "D12," this group has became quite popular among the local music lovers, soon, Eminem started to catch the attention of very famous record producers like DR.DRE, with Dr.Dree's assistance Eminem was able to release a successful album like "THE SIM SHADY LP", "THE MARSHAL MATTERS LP", Eminem's albums were all of them roaring hits, that what made him one of the biggest sensations in the rap industry. 

Most of Eminem's songs were about his personal issues and struggles with his family members and his career, Eminem is known as a good writer, he was known for his explicit use of words and using some aggressive signals that which brought to him some very serious troubles with the law. 

Eminem is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and also actor.  Eminem's nickname is SLIM SHADY


Eminem's father is MARSHALL BRUCE MATHERS, and his mother is DEBORAH RAE"DEBBIE", Eminem's parents were members of DADDY WARBUCKS which is a band that use to perform at a hotel named RAMADA INNS. Bruce and Debbie, Eminem's parents later decided to separate so everyone can have a different partner. 

After that Eminem was living with his mother, they were relocated to several cities, before they settle down in Detroit, Michigan,  let us also mention that Eminem has three half-siblings who are, Michael, Sarah, and Nate. 

Eminem grow up in a black neighborhood, he was often bullied by African-American youngsters, and it was where he started to show affinity toward comics and music, particularly rapping. Eminem at a young age, he has a difficult childhood, he was never on good terms with his mother Debbie, and he was close to her half-brother named Ronnie.

 He dropped out of school when he was seventeen, his education suffered so much as a result of constant tiffs with his mother, so he couldn't continue at school. 

Eminem | Biography, Music, Awards, & More

2 . CAREER : 

When Eminem was only fourteen years old, he joined one of his friends named MIKE RUBY to start practicing rapping. These two friends started calling themselves MANIX and M&M, later they became EMINEM in the future, Eminem also attend a rap contest at the OSBORN HIGHT SCHOOL with another friend named DESHAUN DUPREE HOLTON, this guy later became famous as a rapper Proof. These two went to all music contests at WEST 7 MILE, in Detroit to excel in the Art. Eminem also did practice writing very long words and phrases that rhymed with each other.

Eminem was rapping with a group called THE NEW JACKS, later he moved to SOUL INTENT, this band that brought out a song back in 1995 featuring Eminem and Proof.
Later the two friends separated from SOUL INTENT and formed their own group called D12 or known as THE DIRTY DOZEN, this group was including famous rappers, KON ARTIST and BIZARRE, This new group had produced several record-breaking singles like "FIGHT MUSIC", "SH**T ON YOU", and "HOW COME". 

Eminem finally brought out his very first album in 1996 named INFINITE, this album was recorded under the banner of FBT PRODUCTIONS, the album included songs that were talking about the struggles that he's faced after the birth of his little daughter, at a time when he was unstable.

 In 1997 his financial condition was very bad, he was even forced to live with his mother whom he had a lot of problems with his little family. During this time, and in order to let go of the frustration building inside him, he decided to create an anti-social alter-ego named SLIM SHADY

In the same year, Eminem contested in the RAP OLYMPICS and secured second place. Dr.Dre the owner of AFTERMATH ENTERTAINMENT, heard one time Eminem's SLIM SHADY EP, and he was extremely impressed with Eminem and what he is doing, then Dr.Dre showed interest in working with this talented rapper

In 1999,  Eminem released an album titled THE SLIM SHADY LP with Dr.Dre's help, and this was the thing that immediately catapulted him to fame, In the same year he finally founded the record label SHADY RECORDS with a friend named PAUL ROSENBERG. 

Another album was released by Eminem In MAY,2000, it was titled THE MARSHAL MATHERS LP, this album has sold 2 million copies in the opening week itself. This successful album included the record-breaking hit THE REAL SLIM SHADY, which topped the charts. 

Eminem in the same year featured in 8 MILES, a very famous movie based loosely on his life. Eminem was growing through the years, year after year, he even collaborated with the big and popular singer ELTON JOHN to sing at the Grammy Awards ceremony in 2001. In the same year, he also went touring with famous rap artists like XZIBIT, SNOOP DOGG, DR.DRE, and so much more.

Jumping through the years until 2008, Eminem published a book named "THE WAY I AM", this book spoke about his life and career, and his autobiographies have also provided readers with lyrics for songs like THE REAL SLIM SHADY, and STAN. 

Between 2009-and 2010, the rapper released the studio album RELAPSE and RECOVERY. The album RECOVERY made huge success with many singles that included like, NOT AFRAID, LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE featuring RIHANNA, and NO LOVE with the rapper LIL WAYN. 

This talented rapper has made also guest appearances in several movies like WASH, FUNNY PEOPLE, THE INTERVIEW, and many more. He also could feature in a TV show named ENTOURAGE. 

Eminem is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and also actor.  Eminem's nickname is SLIM SHADY


In 2001, the rapper Eminem who became very popular and famous was presented the Academy Awards in the BEST ORIGINAL SONG category for LOSE YOURSELF, from the 8MILES movie. This Award was the very first ever to have been presented to a rap artist, so that means already a lot.

Eminem was declared the EMCEE OF THE YEAR by the popular website HIPHOPDX in 2010, in the same time MTV named him THE HOTTEST MC.

In 2013, Eminem won the title of YOUTUBE MUSIC AWARDS ARTIST OF THE YEAR, which was being presented for the first time, the same year he was named THE GLOBAL ICON at the MTV EMA MUSIC AWARDS. 

THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP2 won a Grammy Award for the BEST RAP ALBUM in the following year. At the same time, the song MONSTER featuring Rihanna won the Award for BEST RAP/sung collaboration category. He also won a Grammy for almost all his albums, including SLIM SHADY LP, THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP, THE EMINEM SHOW, RELAPSE, and RECOVERY, receiving the honor about fifteen times. 


At fifteen of age, Eminem became friends with KIMBERLEY ANNE SCOTT, she had to run away with her sister dawn then she started living with Eminem's mother. This two fell in love with each other, and they gave birth to a beautiful daughter, HALLIE in 1995. 

Kim got married later in 1999 to Eminem, but the relationship has always been turbulent, later they got divorced and remarried many times.

Eminem's mother 2008, she published a book titled MY SON MARSHALL, MY SON EMINEM, that book was an autobiography about how she raised him and how she saw his rise to fame. 

Eminem in his life was very addicted to many drugs like Valim, Vicodin, Methadone, and Ambien. Eminem's addiction became very strong on that day when he binged on fast food leading to an excessive weight increase. 

Eminem is known for his lyrics who are often considered homophobic, he also falls into trouble many times because of his songs, but as we all know, Eminem claims that they are just songs and he has no objection to people being homosexuals. 

Eminem | Biography, Music, Awards, & More

5 . AWARDS :

Academy Awards(Oscars) : 
2003Best Music, Original Song8 Mile (2002)
MTV Movie & TV Awards :
2003Best Male Performance8 Mile (2002)
2003Breakthrough Male Performance8 Mile (2002)