Rihanna and A$AP Rocky appeared in the rapper's latest music video for "D.M.B.," which was released  "Hey, it's been a short time since we both (I fell in love with you) / Felt full since our first encounter (My first encounter) / And baby (I fell in love with you)," the song's loving lyrics imply. Rihanna is also referred to as Rocky's angel, goddess, and soul mate. Rihanna comes as a continuous pillar by Rocky's side throughout the video. The two are recorded going about his hometown of New York City. Near the conclusion of the film, the Fenty Beauty founder emerges as a bride, dressed in a scarlet gown and matching veil and clutching a red rose bouquet. The camera focuses on Rocky's teeth, which have gold grills  that say, "Marry me?" Rihanna responds with her own gold, a bejeweled grill that reads, "I do."

The two were spotted in the Bronx in July filming sequences for Rocky's video for the song. Since news of their affair first surfaced towards the end of 2020, Rihanna and Rocky, who are presently expecting their first child together, have become increasingly comfortable with openly expressing their relationship. The rapper earlier told GQ that Rihanna is the "love of his life." "[It's] so much better," he stated of his decision to pursue monogamy with her. "When you get the One, everything changes. She is probably equivalent to a million of the others. I believe that when you know, you know. She's the Only One." Rocky has popped up on a few songs this year (including "Doja," "Arya," and "The God Hour"), but this is his first proper solo release since "Babushka Boi" in 2019. In addition to creating the song, the "L$D" artist directed and executive produced the video. Skepta, a longtime collaborator of Rocky's, is also listed as one of the song's producers.

The Grammy-nominated artist was detained at LAX last month on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and had his residence inspected by Los Angeles police. Rocky was promptly freed on bond, and the firearms discovered in his home were confirmed to be lawful. A$AP ROCKY  doesn't appear to be bothered by it. Just days after his arrest, he played at the Smokers Club Festival in San Bernardino on Saturday night, with Rihanna in attendance. As far as we know, Rihanna and her lover are not married, regardless of his proposal to Rihanna in his 'D.M.B' music video. "Marry me?" he inquired. Fans have been guessing whether they married IRL after he said "I do" in the same way with his Grillz. Neither of them has verified that they are husband and wife in real life. RiRi and A$AP Mob are said to have started dating in 2020, following her divorce from entrepreneur Hassan Jameel. In a magazine interview a year later, the Praise The Lord singer openly confessed his love for her, naming her "The One." With a kid on the way, we don't think a wedding is out of the question if they both want it. Just after a quite exciting baby announcement, it wasn't long before reports surfaced that RiRi and the rapper were planning to marry. Rumour has it that they will marry in Barbados, where Rihanna is from, this summer after their baby is born. The couple is thought to be fairly conventional and would want to marry.